Friday, August 12, 2016

Wellington Point, Brisbane, QLD.

Date: 7 August 2016

Since Hasben had a new mid-year resolution to spend most of his time in the office to complete his PhD, he promised to dedicate his weekends for short travels. A few weeks ago, we drove to Melaney, Sunshine Coast (maybe I will write about this later) and last Sunday, I Googled for the best beaches in Brisbane for kids, and Wellington Point is highly recommended.

The cosy town of Wellington Point looked very lovely as we passed by but we didn't have the time or energy to explore it. We went straight to Wellington Point Recreation Reserve, located at the tip of a little cape. The right side of the cape was exposed to the open water of Moreton Bay and the wind was very strong here. We were shivering as we walked on the dock. It may be a good spot for fishing as there were many people hanging out along the dock with their fishing rods.

On the left side, it was much less colder with a view of Brisbane across the water. The tide was low so we can actually walk to the little island.

The kids had so much fun and I didn't need to worry much because the water was very shallow, it did not pass Afi's knees.

Interestingly, coming from a much smaller town like Toowoomba, I was astonished to see so many people on their phones catching Pokémon! Literally, everywhere! Hasben caught 8 Pokémons while we were there. I didn't have any mobile data so was a bit disappointed, haha.

Not exactly Pokémons, but Kimi's dinosaur collection on my sand island! 

Anyways, we spent the whole day there and witnessed the beautiful sunset. So many family and friends gathered near the beach, some even brought dinner while others setup their DSLR cameras. Yup, it was truly lovely!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Restaurant : Primitivo, Toowoomba.

Date: 28 June 2016

It is the last 10 days of Ramadhan and this was our first time breaking fast at a restaurant for this year. Khadijah wanted us to join her to try the new restaurant, specializing in everything grill. It is owned by 2 muslim brothers, therfore halal, and provided us with more dining choice apart from Sofra and Nandos.

After Hasben finished his cleaning shift, we went straight to the CBD and arrived slightly after 7pm. Khadijah had ordered for us in advance so the food was ready for us on the table.

I ordered King Prawns but felt that it wasn't enough,  I was still a bit hungry. There were only 3 prawns... So yeah... I will order something else in the future. However, Hasben's Lamb Chunk was a bit too much for me, it was a really humongous chunk!

After finishing our dinner, we went for ice creams at Gelatisimo across the road. The cold winter night did not stop us from having cold deserts!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Little Hero and His First Blood Test

Just got back from Brisbane and I am exhausted! Woke up quite early for an appointment with Bupa, for Kimi's medical check up. He needed to get some blood sample for a TB test. He acted like a champ, cried a bit for less than 3 seconds. Was so proud of him!

As a treat, we brought him to South Bank Parklands for some swimming fun. It was an unplanned trip therefore, the boys had to swim with their boxers - until they were shivering.

Later, we visited the Queensland Museum again so Kimi could see some dinosaurs. At this point, Afi had dozed off quietly on the stroller. So that sums up our day trip for today.

My little hero's bruise:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dalby, QLD.

Date: 20 March 2016

This trip occurred about 1 month ago. Back then it was still summer, none of this waking up to chilly mornings. (I am under the blanket right now).

We missed the opportunity to visit a cotton field last year, while celebrating Anzac Day at Jondaryan Woolshed. This year, however, we had Adam who was working on that part of Toowoomba to inform us that it was finally cotton season! I was not sure where the exact location was since there were not many information about cotton fields in the Internet. Using Zana's tips, we used the alternative Toowoomba-Dalby route, passing through Jondaryan Woolshed. This takes an extra 30 minutes to reach Dalby as calculated by GPS. After driving unsurely, we saw the fluffy whites of cotton and stopped by the road side for some pictures, wishing no one shoots us for trespassing.

After feeling satisfied with the pictures, we went to Dalby town, had a bit of a walk in the CBD, shopped at Target Country (Target for rural areas I presume) and took more photos.

Later, we had our picnic lunch at Lake Broadwater, the only natural lake in the Darling Downs. The best part was that we were allowed to swim in the lake. It would be a nice place to camp but there were not many people at that time. I would be a bit scared at night.

We headed home in the evening, and was presented with such a scenic sky view near Oakey. A super-duper huge cloud had gathered above the town, we could see the rain and rainbows, all the while the sun was still shining. Beautiful!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cloth Diapering Lil Afi

This love - hate relationship with CDs has been going on for a while. Lazy mom but feels a bit guilty everytime I imagine filling the landfill with my kids' diapers, which would probably take 200 years to decompose!

So I got these 2 CDs from Vinnies, a GroVia and an Issy Bear Nappies for $3 each. Suddenly, I became determined (again) to use them. Especially that Khadijah seems effortless with cloth diapering Maira. Semangat la konon...

At the moment, I am feeling a bit exhausted from the changing and washing every 2 hours! Arghhh! On the plus side, while hanging out the CDs, I had this beautiful sky to enjoy.  :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blouse Perfection!

Hasben has been astonished with my sudden urge of buying new clothes. He said if I wanted to help in saving up for our future, the first thing I should do is have some self-control! Haha! Fine!

So my new project is to upcycle my not-so-old clothes that I have some issues with, such as, not 'muslimah compliance' enough (as JuliZac would say). I have this blouse from French Connection, yup kids size, but comfy and I love it. The downside was that it's a bit too short and nearly gave it away to Vinnies.

I rummaged through my stash of fabrics and could not believe my luck! I have a black and white fabric (bought from Vinnies a loooong time ago) that I have never used before. It matches the blouse perfectly. And after adjusting the shape, I am quite happy with the final product. (Although honestly, it looks a bit like a nursing poncho, haha).

Another blouse is from Elle. Although it was made for teenagers, I felt it was a bit granny looking. This took the longest for a satisfactory transformation:

I have about 2m of that yellow fabric, so in the future, I might have matching pillow case/blanket/curtains, haha!

This plaid dress is from Target. Initially, it fits me perfectly in the dressing room but after the first few washes, it shrunk! The sleeves became too short so it is not exactly a long-sleeved dress, neither was it 3/4. So I extended them with a denim coloured fabric.

Now I actually feel like a fashion designer. So if I go to a shop, see a nice dress that wasn't perfect but had potential, I might buy it and asjust it later. Hmm.. Could end up spending more than I should.. And overloading my wardrobe!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Australian Army Flying Museum, Oakey, QLD.

Date: 14 February 2016

Haish... have been so lazy with writing blog, journals, reports etc... Not a good start to the new year it seams. Partly to blame is Cities Skyline, a computer game (like Sim City) that I have been hooked on. But now that I have the most awesomest and richest city in the world, the excitement has died down thus here I am, writing an entry.

Anyways, we revisited AAFM in Oakey last month. This time Kimi was extra excited as compared to 3 years back, obviously the age makes a lot of difference. It's a nice little museum and wasn't too expensive. Great for little boys with planes obsession!

This is Skipper from the Disney movie Planes... According to Kimi anyway:

One of the first plane models I guess:

A play area for kiddies, the mini planes were too adorable:

The real thing out in the open:

When we got back home, the little boy was still on cloud 9, talking about planes, plane and planes. He even gathered all his plane collection, including helicopters and Chug the truck and made himself a miniature museum.

Kimi's very own airplane museum (^u^) :

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