Sunday, November 21, 2010

Me & FAIL!

A few encounters that made me smile.
This is my personal collection of

 1) Great Wall of China, Beijing, China

Speaking cellphones - a new technology for loners.

2) Hong Kong, China

Law breaker caught in action!

3) Shenzhen, China

What's wrong with this picture? If you answered in less than 2 seconds, you're a genius!

4) Bali, Indonesia

A common mistake I guess...

5) Bandung, Indonesia

Starbucks new business venture.

6) Rome, Italy

0% discount, very special indeed.

7) Hat Yai, Thailand

Used for foot massage - special ingredient, piggy (Babi is pig in Malay)

 *I have no intention whatsoever to make fun of others. Heck, my English is probably just as bad! *

1 comment:

Julesness said...

how much less they can offer at 0% discount man??haha!I believe they have successfully chinatized restaurant speling!!hihihi

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