Monday, December 27, 2010

Book: Sushi for Beginners

Date: 24 December 2010

Author: Marian Keyes

She is definitely one of my favourite authors ever. The first book from her that I read was Under the Duvet, and the second was The Other Side of The Story - both I borrowed from UTM's library. She writes about characters with real life issues and manage to make the situation light although it's actually a dark topic. At the end of the day, readers will learn about complicated issues without feeling depressed. She delivers the message and adds humor to it - just brilliant! Plus, I learned a few Irish words!

Sushi for Beginners is about the lives of 3 different ladies, all facing depressions. Different characters have a different coping mechanism.

Lisa, a beautiful, career oriented lady is the b*tch boss from hell. She'll do whatever it takes to be the best at what she does, even if it means having no friends and family. The thing that drives her over the wall was when she actually sacrificed her marriage to her true love.

Ashling, an ordinary looking lady, with an ordinary life had grown up too soon too fast. When she was younger, her mother faced with depression and caused her to act as an adult to her 2 younger siblings. The habit stayed with her even though she's all grown up and people tend to take advantage of her.

Clodagh, a beautiful stay at home mom of 2 toddlers, had the perfect husband and the perfect house. She is Ashling's best friend and seem to be bored with her current life. She yearns for her single life when she could have anything she wanted. Some may see her as selfish, some may see her as desperate, but in the end, her choices will change her life, and there is no turning back for her.

Lesson Learnt:
1) It is not worth sacrificing your realationship with your loved one for your job. In the end, true happiness is not something you gained when you're all alone.
2) Depression can be inherited?? Maybe


Julesness said...

nice story!pinjamkan daku..

WinZie said...

ooo, interesting. me want to borrow nanti nanti. :P

Ju Zie said...

No problemo babes!

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