Friday, December 24, 2010

Cherating, Pahang

Department Team Building - Hooray! Hooray!

The main road of Cherating - Palm trees, kampung houses~

Cherating is well-known in Malaysia for its long beaches. It is not a town - no tall concrete buildings, no shopping malls, just local village houses, restaurants, and plenty of resorts - both cheap and expensive. There is 1 main road across Cherating, connecting Kuantan and the state of Terengganu. Along this road, there are many choices of resorts and quite a few times, tourists can be spotted biking or waiting for busses. These tourists are usually the adventurous type - based on their clothing.

Date: 3-4 December 2010

Lodging: Suria Cherating Beach Resort
A simple resort with clean rooms and delicious food. Facilities include swimming pool, volleyball courts, and paintball!

Day 1: Paintball-ing!

As a committee member, I did not get the chance to be in a group and make flags, scream war cries and such. But we, the committee members were allowed to join the paintball games. I was very excited but a bit worried on the possibility of getting shot in the head. It was fun to see my fellow officemates and bosses rolling around and acting as if they were Saving Private Ryan. To the amusement of everyone, our head of department was shot right in the face.. SPLAT! The shooter must be so proud of himself. As for myself, I was paint free throughout the game and managed to cause some pain to friends - haha!

No hard feelings boss!

Counter Strikers! Me in green.

For dinner, we had BBQ... yummy! And surprisingly, I won a lucky draw! All my life, this must be my first time. If you put 10 people in a room, draw 9 names for Ferraris, guess who will be the one without a car? ME! Not anymore! Oh yeah~

Day 2: Indoor activities

Wish we could have played =(

The plan for today was beach volleyball. I was eager to show off my 2% volleyball skill I gained from my first ever game in Lang Tengah Island - out of 100 serve tries, only 3 pass the net... so statistically speaking, I suck! However, December in Malaysia means Monsoon Season... a tropical version of winter! It rained and rained. Too bad... skill bragging must be postponed.

Rough sea - no wind surfing here...

To substitute volleyball, everyone stayed indoors for ping-pong pyramid game... each group must build a pyramid using the ping-pong balls provided... brain-using games - I suck at this too! Hopefully I don't sound like a Bimbo... The event went well and we ended with the theme song, Faizal Tahir - 1 Malaysia... it sounds nice when Faizal sings it, but for sing-a-long, with 50 people... it didn't sound so good!


After! - No help from me of course!

Interesting to Note: Avoid coming here during monsoon season, end of the year. You'll miss the chance to swim in the sea or in my case, show-off my agility in volleyball... crap~

1 Malaysia - Faizal Tahir

Ku teguh berdiri
Tiada lagi ragu atau gentar
Ku terus berani
Melangkah maju terus ke hadapan
Satu impian nyawaku pertaruhkan
Genggaman tanganmu
Semangatku oh terus membara
Janjiku pada mu
Harapanmu inginku laksanakan
Kau adalah ilham
Pada mereka yang ingin berjaya
Kau terus berjuang
Demi  membawa perubahan
Satu impian oh berjuta harapan
Satu Malaysia
Kita inspirasi pada dunia
Nama kan dijulang
Kita menjadi kebanggaan
Satu wawasan bersama bergandingan
(Chorus X2)

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