Friday, December 31, 2010

Hotel: PNB Darby Park, KL, Malaysia

Date: 29 December 2010

Imagining a whole day tomorrow of full relaxation in the heart of KL while Hasben is off to work in KLCC!! Is planning to have a warm bubble bath, self-facial, and just plain time-wasting!

Date: 30 December 2010

No bubble bath, no self-facial and limited time-wasting! Hasben's meeting was only for half a day. Had to pack hurriedly by 2.30 for late check-out. All imagination thrown out the window... Quoted from Julie Zac: From poshy wife, to runaway guest!

Enough about my crushed dream... moving on to the hotel review:...

PNB Darby Park provides executive suites at reasonable rates, between RM250-RM350 per night... okay, maybe I won't call it reasonable if I have to withdraw my own money to pay the bills... but the suite is nice and clean... quite homey and spacious. Very close to KLCC, just a walking distance. The breakfast is okay, not so much variety. The good thing is that the room is provided with a praying mat, I don't think other hotels in this area have this.

In one word, I would describe it as "Simple" - in a good way of course!

The comfy sofa!

The fluffy bed!

Wow! Home theatre!

Cozy kitchen! Obviously I am not going to cook!

Simple bathroom, not so impressive...

The View: Tabung Haji and Jalan Ampang at night! Spectacular!

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Juli said...

apart from a poshy wife, u have a talent of a funny blogger,effortlessly!hahah

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