Thursday, December 2, 2010

Me & The Lawnmower Boy

Lawnmower Boy, The Heartbreaker!

Date: 16 November 2010

Tomorrow is Eid-Adha. I was so into the festivities that after returning from work, I started cleaning the house. All of a sudden, at 6 pm, someone was knocking on the front door. I openned the door and was greeted by Lawnmower Boy offering his service to trim my tiny itsy bitsy front lawn. Truth be told, the grasses were not that long and I nearly rejected him.

Seeing his dejected face, I felt sorry and started to negotiate.

Lawnmower Boy: RM15
Me: No, no RM10
Lawnmower Boy: (With a sad face) Owh.. OK

The grass cutting service in Kerteh and Paka is so overpriced. When I first came here, I was like, what the tut tut? But money is no excuse for safety from snakes/lizards/other creapy creatures.

My Garden of Weeds (Not the illegal one!)

As the boy was mowing, I remembered his sad expression and decided to give him RM15 as per requested, just because it's Eid! When the mowing was over (3 minutes top - very small lawn, can fit half a car), he came to claim his payment. So me, the pretend-to-be-nobel lady said, "Since it's Eid tomorrow, I'll give you RM15, but you must sweep and throw away all mowed grasses.

Lawnmower Boy: I'll come and clean up afterwards. I have to mow another lawn at the end of this street... it's getting dark.
Silly Me: OK... don't forget...

He never came back.... I felt so betrayed. Lawnmower Boy, how could you do this to me?? To soothe my broken heart, I started to make a few conclusions:

1) It's OK to be nice to people, but don't let them bully you. Don't trust strangers!
2) If you are sincere then God knows what is best for both the victim (me) and the prey (Lawnmower Boy)
3) Maybe Lawnmower Boy did had another job to finish but had to return home early.
4) A few days later, someone knocked on my door and called out "KAK! Assalamualaikum!" but I pretended that I wasn't in because I suspected it was the Lawnmower Boy trying to say sorry/offering another service...
However, I wish all the best to Lawnmower Boy and hoped he had a good Eid!


Julesness said...

must be to clear up yard la tuuu

Ju Zie said...

I was a real victim..d one yg cleared up all d mowed grasses huhu

achiq said...

Lessont learnt..sometime kena hati2 gak takut budak2 drug addict yang buat kerja tu.. Kat Paka ramai yang macam tu..
tapi kalau niat kita ikhlas, mana tahu pemberian that time Allah amik barakah nya..
`Tangan yg memberi lagi baik dari yg menerima'
fuh, pnjg pulak komen akak ni ya... dah lari dari tajuk dah ni...

Ju Zie said...

Well said achiq, exactly lesson learnt yg saya pikirkan...

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