Sunday, December 19, 2010

Me & Mandarin!

Wo Hen Gao Xing Xue Huayu!
I Am Very Happy To Learn Mandarin!

Duration: June - December 2010
Last Class: 18 December 2010

I have always wanted to study at least one foreign language and actually master it. During my school days, I tried a bit of Cantonese and very very little Tamil thanks to my classmates. Why I decided to join a Mandarin class? Well, during my honermoon trip with Hasben, our tour guide, Mr Tan was explaining in English, Malay and Mandarin. Everytime he spoke Mandarin through the bus's microphone, my mind wanders elsewhere. I decided to learn Mandarin once we got back to Malaysia... and forced Hasben to join me!!

Chen Lao Shi

Our lao shi (teacher) is Ms Jane Chan. She is a very sweet person and I loved learning Mandarin with her. I am going to miss her now that the course has ended.

3/4 of these words ring no bell to me!

The final test was on 17th Dec 2010. My Mandarin vocabs are very limited so there was a lot of notes-peaking, haha! My final score was 79%... Suprisingly, I actually passed! However, I still can't communicate in Mandarin. People may not even understand a single thing I'm saying due to tone errors... No surprise there..

In India, I was quite fascinated with people speaking Hindi. I said to Hasben, "Let's learn Hindi next!" Hasben replied, "Oh please, no more!" *Hihi*


Julesness said...

Hahahha...Ezam with madanrin=love u so much, Ezam with Hindi=death sentence!

achiq said...

ni hau ma?

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