Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Me & The New Haji and Hajah!

Souvenirs From The Holy Land

Date: 13 December 2010

My In-Laws are back from Mekah yesterday. 2 months away from Malaysia, they got home with many bags and boxes of souvenirs and plenty of interesting stories to share. They were among the last batch to fly home, thus considered the lucky ones. Why? Well, during the peak season of Hajj, billions of Muslims are competing to touch the Kaabah and other significant sites. The longer they stayed, the lesser the people as many have returned to their home countries.  Mama’s prayer to hug the Kaabah was fulfilled, which she couldn’t have achieved with bigger, stronger Arab/Sudanese/etc men, struggling to do the same. Hopefully one day, I can write about my own experience of Hajj, and is able to stay there as long as possible. Amin!

Being a very ‘good’ daughter-in-law, I helped them unpack the souvenir boxes, and be the first to claim all the best items! MUAHAHA! Items successfully claimed:

1) Cutest praying mat!

2) My Very First Jubah (children’s size but who cares, fits me perfectly!)

3) Miscellaneous items

The best present for the new Haji and Hajah is… their very first grandchild who waited patiently for his grandparents to return for his birth day. No… not my baby, my sister-in-law gave birth today, ironically, on her own birthday. Murah rezeki mereke semua! Now, I’ll probably hear more of: “When is your turn to have a baby?" *Bracing myself*

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Julesness said...

that kid jubah will be damn cute with u, kiddo!hahah

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