Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

1st Year Anniversary Celebration!

To celebrate our 1 year of marriage, 'I' had planned a few trips both domestic and international but until the very last minute... none of the plans could be achieved. So to make things easier, 'I' (again) decided to go to Bukit Tinggi, because it's closer to Ampang - we could easily visit our parents. Hasben, the-okay-I-am-up-for-anything man agreed. We've been here 2 years ago, so this time, we determined to make the trip more special!

Lodging: Colmar Tropicale

The view from our window

We wanted to stay at the market square, in the heart of the festivities. The French decor was lovely but our room seems a bit run-down. Maybe it's time for maintenance. Apart from that, comfy and cozy!

Date: 7 January 2011

Animal Park
Entrance Fee: RM3

We played with the rabbits and donkeys!

Keep me warm buddy!

Look at those CUTE eyes!!

Hungry Donkey!

Horse Riding
10 minutes ride: RM25

My first horse riding experience! I was quite scared at first - the tragic accident of Christopher Reeve kept playing in my head... But it was fun! My horse's name was Felicia, 11 years old and Hasben's was Bonnie, 18 years old. They were sooo beautiful!

Do I look like an equastarian?

Hasben and Bonnie!

Arcade Games
1 Token: RM2
Each game per player costs 2 tokens! Expensive! However, the machines were very new.

This is what Malysians call POYO!

Another POYO-ness!

Foot Reflexology at La Lavende

The most expensive foot massage I have ever experienced! It was very lovely though... the messeuse was skillful and had quite a strength for a skinny person. I showed no pain to ensure she gave me her best - although I was begging for mercy in the inside!

Dinner at La Flamme
We had Margeritta Pizza, Lasagna, and Chicken Wings.

While we were eating, the trio, Strollers from The Phillipines came to our table and sang "Congratulations and celebrations...na na na" for our anniversary. We requested "Only You" and they sang to us, asking us to hold hands and look into each others eyes... instead... we busily took their pictures and record a video of them singing... Romantic? Not quite. Jakun? Definitely!

Visited Swan Park
We had a night stroll at the market square and visited some angry swans!

Watched Russian Roulette's Performance
At 10.30 PM, we watched a dancing group from Russia, calling themselves The Russian Roulette, consisting of four girls and one man. I must say that they were very very sexy - did Hasben enjoyed the provocative dancing? He didn't say... Hmm~

Date: 8 January 2011

Breakfast at Le Blason, the complimentary breakfast.

Target Shooting
RM5 for 5 paintball pallets.

Hasben's Score: 2/5
My Score: 1/5 - Crap!!

After checking out, we watched another show by Russian Roulette. God, Russian girls are so gorgeous and sexy! The length of their legs is the same as my whole height!

Picture taking time!

Colmar Tropicale

"Kakak, marilah sini, saya nak bagi hadiah~" This is definitely the most cutest clown in the world!

Japanese Village

An European girl in a Kimono, posing for her father... cute!

Botanical Garden

Best picture of the trip, Hasben and I doing the Michael Jackson Gravity Lean, oh Yeah!

I know, I did it way better than Hasben... ^_^


Hazari. said...

what a nice anniversary trip. the arcade part is the best, haha.

happy anniversary. :))

Juli said...

hahah..the gravitational part, is paling cannot blah

may you have prosperous married life ahead!

Ju Zie said...

Thanks u guys for the wishes!!

WinZie said...

Damnnnnn, how did you do the MJ gravity thing? Impressive.

Ju Zie said...

Kena ada tulang kaki yg kuat, hehr

WinZie said...

hahahahaha!! wha?

qaseh said...

wah..syoknya dpt jenjalan..

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