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Euro Trip - Austria

Honeymoon - Part 3

Date: 15 February 2010


After visiting Verona, it was time for us to leave Italy and visit the next country, Austria.

The mountain view along the freeway!

Yeah!! We're here! Innsbruck - The town at the foot of the Alps!

Our stay in Austria was very short. We arrived there in the evening, the sun was already starting to set. However, it was a very beautiful place - I think it's my most favourite town for the entire trip. I love how it is located in the broad valley between high mountains. The snow capped mountains standing very close to the town is a very spectacular sight indeed!

Our first picture taking moment was with the famous Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) which was not exactly made of gold. It was constructed for Emperor Maximilian  in the 1500.

Next we visited the house of Leopold Mozart - the father to the famous musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

And of course, for shoppers, the must-visit Swarovski shop - the largest in the world.

The shop was decorated with winter and Christmas theme for the holidays.

It was difficult to get beautiful shots as the sun sets further behind the Alps... but we did our best!

The historical town and Alps!

Napoleon victory arch

When we can no longer see the beautiful mountains (too dark)... it was time to have our dinner in a chinese restaurant.

Pretending to know how to use the chopsticks!

Our hotel room was as cute and cosy as the town itself. Very old fashioned... love it!

The view from our room window in Hotel Alpinpark... isn't it amazing?~

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Juli said...

snow capped mountain.. love it!

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