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Euro Trip - Germany

Honeymoon - Part 6

18 February 2010


The Rheinfall

Before crossing the border into Germany, our last stop in Switzerland was The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall in German). The Rhine Falls are the largest plain waterfall in Europe.

We bought the best chocolate I have ever tasted from the souvenir shop here. Yummy!!


Black Forest

Our first destination in Germany was Black Forest. It was noon when we reached here... this means - lunch time! We had fish fillet and for dessert, the famous black forest cake which was originated... here, of course!

Germany is well known for its cuckoo clock... mind you, it is expensive!

Since we had no intention to buy any expensive clocks, we explored the town. Black Forest was named by the Romans due to the dense growth of conifers in the forest which blocked out most of the light inside the forest. Even in day time, a lantern was required to light the path. Based on Mr Tan, the fairytale Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gratel were created based on the condition of Black Forest.

The Black Forest

Some snap shots of the snow covered town.

Excuse us... we're from the Tropics... snow is like seeing unicorn to us!

The other famous landmark is Titisee. The lake was frozen but it is not advisable to go walking on it!

The white thing is the lake!

While waiting for the others who were still busy shopping, we made a small snowman! Say hello to Tiny Snowman!

Mr Tiny Snowman says "Yippi!!"


Heidelberg, the romantic city! We arrived here quite late in the evening... the historical city buildings were already oranged by the setting sun. We took some pictures of the famous Heidelberg Castle and the interesting looking Old Bridge.

What does this sign means? No women and children? No mommy and baby?

The Old Bridge

Heidelberg Castle

Mr Tan proudly said, "To all you Hard Rock Souvenir Fans, you will be delighted to find that there is a Hard Rock Cafe here in Heidelberg." So off we went in search for the said cafe. We walked along the street and enjoyed the view of the old shop buildings. We walked by Heidelberg University and enjoyed street singers singing "Only You"... so sweet~

In the end, we realized that we had accidentally passed by the cafe. When we finally found it, we sensed that there were something different about the items being sold... but we bought a pin and a T-shirt anyways.

Date: 19 February 2010

This morning, our tour brought us to the romantic River Rhine route. No one was up for the river cruise so instead, we enjoyed the view of the river and the ancient castles along the river from the bus. We stopped by a town near Rhine River bank (which I can't remember the name, could be Oberwesel) and bought some stuff at the local supermarket... I bought a lotion since my skin was so dry! Since the labels were in German, and the salesperson could not speak English, it was a gamble - for all I know, I may have bought a bottle of syampoo!

Town of... (Oberwesel?)


Our last Germany stop was in Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany. The architecture and landscape here is very different than the previous towns we visited. It is modern with many people walking the streets, and there is a KFC!

As usual, we went for our compulsary Hard Rock visit (this time with no problems) and chatted with the salesgirl about Heidelberg and the Hard Rock Cafe there.

Salesgirl: There is no Hard Rock Cafe in Heidelberg
Us: But yesterday we went there and bought a few things!
Salesgirl repeated with a (tense) smile: There is no Hard Rock Cafe in Heidelberg
Us: OoooOooo~

Anyway, although the city was very modern, there is one very prominent ancient landmark, the Cologne Cathedral. It is a world heritage site with Gothic architecture. It was built with black marble and reminded me of an older and smaller KLCC!

Cologne Cathedral

As Mr Tan was calling us to board the bus, we were still busy shopping for some souvenirs across the street!Hurriedly we paid for the keychains and....Bye-bye Germany!



Juli said...

the honeymoon timing was just brilliant! gotta play around with snow..i wantt!

WinZie said...

waaaa, Germany is amazing!

mrs redzuan said...

kalau mcm gini x yah la jeles ngan org2 yg pegi langkawi last week. ur trip wayyyyyy better than us, hehehe. maklumlah, langkawi tade snow tau.. kihkih..

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