Monday, January 24, 2011

Euro Trip - Liechtenstein

Honeymoon - Part 4

Date: 16 February 2010

On our way to Liechtenstein. While everyone stopped for a toilet break, we jumped with joy at the sight of snow!


I have to admit that I have never heard of Liechtenstein before... and everytime I want to write it down, I fear that I spelled it wrongly. So to play safe, I just copy and paste 'Liechtenstein' (like what I'm doing right now) throught out this entry. Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world. Its military defence is supported by the Swiss Army (not the knife). This Alpine country is bordered by Austria and Switzerland.

Beautiful Vaduz!!

We visited Vaduz (based on Mr Tan, it is pronounced Faduz) the capital of Liechtenstein. Since it was still winter, the temperature was freeezing cold... my hands were frozen. The bright sunlight was just for display - no heat at all. Imagine the temperature at night!!

The souvenirs were a bit pricey...

During our visit, Vaduz was quite deserted. Not many people were roaming the streets... I wondered where everybody was?

Not a single car on the street!

We were the only tourists there, even the locals were MIA... which was a good thing for Hasben and I. Our camera posing was unlimited as there was no one to stare/laugh/pitty us... Here, I present to you... two goofy Malaysians!!

"Look! Superman!" At hill top: Vaduz Castel, home of Prince of Liechtenstein
"Eh.. kiri ke kanan?" Signboards! 
With... leaf-less bushes? 
Notice that they spell 'Telephone', the same way as we Malysians do: T.E.L.E.F.O.N. 
Mr and 'Mr' Smith... with the Alps!

We had lunch outside on a bench. I packed rice that I cooked in the morning before check-out (for those of you who are wondering, yes, I brought along our rice cooker all the way from Malaysia) and ate it with the (you guessed it) sambal ikan bilis prepared by Mama. I couldn't hold the spoon properly since it was sooo freezing cold! After lunch, we got ready for the next journey... to Switzerland!

With our travel group... they made our trip even more memorable!


Juli said...

it`s crystal clear u guys having soooo much funn!! crazeee pose! love it!

edlidza said...

sweetnyaaa !! :)

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