Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Euro Trip - Vatican City!

Honeymoon - Part 1

Since it's my month of looooorve (eiiwww~!), I would like to write about my Euro trip with Hasben for our honeymoon. We booked Mayflower the travel agent for a 15 day trip to 10 countries. The countries were:

1) Vetican City
2) Italy
3) Austria
4) Leichtenstein
5) Switzerland
6) Germany
7) Holland
8) Belgium
9) France
10) England

Date: 11 February 2010

Being superexcited is always my finest trait. However, this is a whole new level of mega-excited-nezz (yup, with a Z)!

At KLIA - Trying to hide my true feelings by looking blindly at my HP.

Malaysian Airlines food is delicious! Can't wait for every meal!

In-flight entertainment, games and movies!

Date: 12 February 2010

Our plane landed at Fiumicion-Rome (that's what it says on our boarding pass) at the break of dawn.

Hasben - already putting on his snowcap!

So to start off my memorable trip, I present to you, Vetican City, the smallest country in the world!

It started to rain! The first sight of St Peter's Basilica!

The hallway at the entrance - no tripods allowed inside the building.

The historical dome by Michelangelo... nice~!

After a short tour inside, we went picture taking outside, and amazingly... it snowed!

Weehuuu...!! Jakun people (us) goofing around at the sight of a few drops of snow.

Photography session at the square. We had no idea what happened to the tour guide and the rest of the group. Click Click Click!!


Juli said...

look forward for other countriess..amazing trip!!i wanna get married soon too, bole??haha

Ju Zie said...

bole bole... must go places mnarik2 tau!~

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