Sunday, January 16, 2011

Genting Highlands, Pahang

Genting Theme Park, Hooray!

On our way up!

Date: 14-15 January 2011

My company's family day this year was super fun - at Genting Theme Park! On 14 Jan, we had a special dinner with the theme: Hollywood Glamorous! The next day, free and easy a.k.a play all day long. Me and Hasben had a blast!

Lodging: First World Hotel

A very colourful building. Since the company is paying for hundreds of staff's accomodation, my expectation was not high.

Everything is compact... even the 'wardrobe' is attached to the wall!

The room was very small but had all the essential things. I was glad that I brought along my own iron, we may need to request for it since it's not provided in the room. The cafe area is very huge with soooo many people. We were advised to have our breakfast early to avoid the crowd.

On our way up: Genting Skyway

We chose to ride the fastest cable car in South-East Asia to go to the top instead of driving there. Yup... we carried our 'glamorous' clothes and iron with us! One way trip: RM5 per person.

The Theme Park: Indoor and Outdoor!

Nice deco!
Indoor game: Gondola ride - for babies~ Ahaks!

Most of my friends with little kids and babies were not able to enjoy all the rides... they only get to play the children and family rides. But me... I had only one big baby to take care of: The Hasben... this baby only wanted to ride the thrilling rides, and influenced me to join him. When I was younger, and shorter, I was so excited to ride any roller coasters, and sometimes, was dissapointed that I was not tall enough. Now that I am a BIT taller (not to mention older), I don't think my heart can take all the G-Forces and free falls! Although it's hard, I must confess that I am now officially a scardy cat... However, I tried my best to be brave and joined Hasben in nearly all the rides... except for 1...

Corkscrew: The first outdoor ride we rode! I was not able to scream... too shock! We turned upside down... inside out!
Scare Meter: 4/5

Cyclone: Malaysia's first roller coaster! Whee.. whee.. arghhhh!!
Scare Meter: 3.5/5 

Spinner: While queueing, these people in below pic were screaming! I said to Hasben, "Kamonla, it's just a big swing... so exagerating!" Once I was in their place, "Holy Moly! I think I got a migrane!!" I felt so dizzy and couldn't wait for the ride to stop. Even now, just by looking at the picture, I feel sick!
Scare Meter: 2.5/5 
Puke Meter: 5/5 !!

Which ride next...? Hasben excitedly ticking every scary ride he rode.

Space Shot: The biggest NO NO! A free fall ride... I cannot imagine in a million years riding this machine! I keep calling it by its old name: Solerro Shot - didn't know they changed it. Hasben tried to influence me to have a go, I firmly said, "NO WAY!" So he went on his own. After the ride:

Hasben: This is how the people who commits suicide feels when they jump of a building.
Me: If I wanted to kill myself, I would choose a different technique!

Scare Meter: 100/5 !!!!!!!!

Hasben after the gruesome experience!

Before you start calling me: Grandma / Kill-Joy / Pengecut / No-b*lls! Have a look at this video. Can you see the flying legs of Hasben? I know I'd die before reaching the ground!

Boating: The only non-thrilling ride we tried... only because it looked romantic. But the queueing was forever since we had to wait for the other couples to 'cycle' back to the jetty. It might have been romantic if my legs didn't ache from constant cycling!
Scare Meter: -2/5 (Unless you're afraid of water) 

Hasben and I: So sweeeeettt... Fuh!

Flying Coaster: The last ride of the day. We had to pay RM10 extra for this ride... don't know why. True to it's name, we actually lied on our belly, as if we're flying with our arms out-stretched in front of us. There were little sudden falls and some topsy turvies. My head banged the side of the chair a lot and this distracted me from feeling scared.
Scare Meter: 3/5  

Late Lunch: KFC. Got RM15 KFC voucher per person! Yummy!!!!!!!!!

On our way down: Genting Skyway again! Bye2 Genting!!! Enough extreme adventures for one day!


Juli said...

wowww!!immesing mysfl into ur story, wut with the video sum more makes my heart racing!!yet it`s cool experience!

WinZie said...

It's been ages since my last visit to genting. next time, bring me aaa. hihi

Ju Zie said...

Nxt time win.. U must naik the space shot!!

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