Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I Became A Liverpool Fan!

The History Behind The Loyal Supporter!

Maybe it is not so wise to admit that I am a Liverpool FC fan this time around, when they are at 12th place in the English Premier League table. I can imagine the smirks on MU's fans when they read this. But it's better to go down with the team than being a traitor... in Arabic, this sort of people are called Munafik! Ptui... ptui!

Michael Owen... Traitor!

I have a habit that may sound weird to others... I dislike things that many people like. If a certain someone or something is popular, than I imediately have no intention to join the club. For example, nearly everyone I know is playing Farmville in Facebook... they keep sending me Farmville requests, which I ignored. Instead, I chose to play Sorority Life - which the only people who send me gifts are Sistah (who was forced to play) and Hasben (who in actual fact is me, using his account to send me stuff, Looser~!). Okay, let's go back in time... ni no ni no naa..~

The year is 1994... Dad had to work in London for 1 year... so naturally, I followed him and became a Londoner celup. I was in my friends' room, Rathina and Prasanna, who were Man U and Arsenal fans respectively. I had no idea about English football and suddenly, I was thrown into this world where everyone has a football team. They were so obsessed! So in this room, there were many posters of footballers on the wall. Since Rathina had MU (and so were most of the boys in my class) and Prasanna had Arsenal, I scanned the posters for something different. And there he was... quite handsome from the eyes of a 10-year-old girl... Jamie Redknapp of Liverpool. There and then, I made up my mind that I will be a Liverpool fan.

Jamie Redknapp is following his father's footsteps.

But seriously, I never watched a single football game until I came back to Malaysia and started following EPL in 1997. Even when Dad brought us to Anfield, I just did not care... I admit that I was a fan by name... The funny part was, I only realised at 14, that Dad was also a Liverpool fan. Maybe it's genetic...

No alcohol please... Gerrard The Hero!

Now, I am still the loyal supporter, "yess-yess-ing" when they win a game, "hmmm..-ing" when they draw, and "what-the-tut-tut-ing" when they lost!

Went to see Liv FC VS Singapore FC in 2010 at Singapore National Stadium... one of this tiny people is Gerrard/Torres/Alonso/Riera/Kuyt!

Dad and Lil Bros singing:

You'll Never Walk Alone~!

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Juli said...

glory liverpool gloryy...(agk2 ada org kena pukul tak nnt??hihi)

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