Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me &Year 2011!

Bad News At The Beginning Of 2011!

Date: 1 January 2011

What bad news?? Nope, it's not life threathening... It's'jeans' threathening! I have discovered that within 1 week, I am struggling to zip up my jeans... ALL my jeans! When I finally succeed, I realized that I can't breath properly! "Relax, It's probably your imagination," said my brain. So to double check, i weighed myself on my fave weighing scale. "You've put on about 2 kg!!" said my eyes. "It must be the cheese you ate from the nachos, pizza, chicken chop... from the KFC, McD, Burger King... from the..." trailed of my stomach. "Stop lying, you've actually put on 3kg!" confessed my typing fingers. This sort of bad news causes me to hallucinate... to snap me out of it, I have promised myself to start dieting and exercise loads!!

Date: 2 January 2011

12 midnight on 2nd January 2011... birthday celebration for my Mama-In-Law and Brother-In-Law 2. I bought a chocolate sponge cake for the birthday boy and girl. I ate as little as possible, not to hurt anybody's feelings (and because the choc topping seems irresistable).

The good thing about being married is, you are allowed to share the presents given... so Hasben and I, taking advantage of this unwrittened rule, gave Brother-In-Law 2 a jacket for him to wear to college. Mama wanted a sewing machine, so Hasben & siblings + me made her wish come true... auww~

Freaky Picture!

Before going to bed, I made sure to put a large amount of face cream on my face - if I'm fat, at least I can still have nice skin. Mama and Mak have a jogging session next morning.. I was invited due to my weight gain. Waking up early and exercise.. or sleep... hmm~~... I have to reject the invitation... fat, lazy but nice skinned girl, haha! But mind you, before writing this entry, I did a little round of leg exercise... although very brief, my heart beat increased a few notch! Hasben was laughing and threathened to take a picture while I'm doing it but... warriors never let anything hold them back!! Aja-aja Fighting!!!!


Juli said...

all the best with the efforts babe. dun let it last very soon!!haha

WinZie said...

Starting from now don't eat okay? :)

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