Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me & Gotong-Royong at Surau Kg Cacar

Together As One!

Date: 6 January 2011

Gotong-Royong... Hmm... What's the English word for this? I asked all availabale officemates, no one could answer it. I Googled it... and suprisingly, there's no direct translation. What I got were: reciprocity or mutual assistance. What is that?? So from the Dictionary of Belang-Belang...

Gotong-Royong: A group of people (villagers/school children and teachers/etc...) work together as a team to achieve a non-profitable objective (school spring cleaning/cleaning up after a wedding ceremony/etc...). An unselfish act for a good purpose and indirectly brings the whole team together.

I sound like a company's vission and mission statement!

Now that we got that cleared up... back to my story! Another round of department CSR activity which involved spring cleaning and make over of a small village musolla called Surau Kampung Cacar. It was raining quite heavily but the spirit of giving back to the community stayed strong in our pure hearts (Cewahhh!)... it could also be the KPI... but let's pretend that's not the case.

Installed tiles at the women's ablution area.

New paint!

Vacuuming the floor.

Dish washers!

New signbard.

Yeah... mission accomplished!

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Juli said...

wahhh nobel practice u did man! proud of ur effort!

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