Monday, January 17, 2011

Me & Hollywood Glamorous Night!

Ju.Zie Roberts, The Younger Sister of Julia Roberts!

Date: 14 January 2011

My company's family day included a prestigous dinner event at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. The theme was: Hollywood Glamorous! It is not everyday I get the chance to feel pretty, put on some make ups, wear striking clothes! To start my glamorous night, I actually behaved very kampung-like (in English, this means people from the country side). Upon arrival at the top of Genting Highlands:

Me: Hasben, go ask the Baskin Robin Lady, where is One World Hotel.
Hasben to Baskin Robin Lady: Can you please show us the way to One World Hotel?
Baskin Robin Lady: One World?? There's no One World Hotel but I can show you the way to First World Hotel.
Hasben to Me: Can you stop embarrassing me?

We walked away from Baskin Robin Lady with little pride, and all our balik kampung bags (including iron)!

My gorgeous accessories! (I wish!~)

I own no glamorous dress... and no way I'm going to spend a dime for renting one. The closest to glamorous is my wedding dress which I thought can be disguissed as a dinner dress. So I put on my best heels, Primavera - I wore for my wedding and graduation day, my bling-bling bag - an engagement present from a friend, and put on some make-up. Tada! Instead of Hollywood, i felt very Huluwood.

Me hoping to be crowned most glamorous... NOT!
What about Hasben? He looked far better than me. With the borrrowed tuxedo (with a tail coat!) from his brother-in-law, and spikiest most gelled-up hair I have ever seen, he walked with confident and declared himself: Hot and playboy-like... I am not sure how to react to this overconfident-ness... However, I've got to hand it to him, he won 3rd place for Best Dressed Male... Hmmm~

Hasben trying and failing to do Sudoku - Hah! I told him it was hard!

The dinner was nice, the committee members did an amazing job!

Lamb - my favourite!

Professional dancers - a bit too sexy for Hasben to watch!

Every attendee was promised a lucky draw. At every interval, the bosses drew 30 numbers. There were also grand prizes and super grand prizes. Being the very unlucky person that I am... my number never came out until the very last 30 people, at which point, everyone was starting to leave the dining hall!

Fleece blanket - the unluckiest draw! But me likey!

Quite a number of people came up to me and asked, "Baju kawen ke? Your wedding dress?" Crap! I thought it wasn't that obvious! So much for glemerrrr giteww~~!

This is me and Hasben walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. Yohoo..~ Nicole Kidman! Wassup?!


Juli said...

hahahahaha..huluwud!! yapedaa u niiii...lawa tuuu..kalo amik gmba dari depan tepek kat sini sure osom. i pon tak mampu nk pnjat genting nk p berpartay tau!hahha

WinZie said...

haha, what's with the red carpet picture. Lol! nyummy lamb, jealous~

Ju Zie said...

Win.. I can only imagine~

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