Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me & Smash-Smash!

The Little Badminton Tournament!

Date: 27 December 2010

Smash-smash! A badminton tournament Wani and I organised for our department. It's hard work to organise a sporting event, especially all by ourselves... so we gathered a few friends and officemates to help us out. I am lousy in managing things, I can't even manage myself properly let alone 50 people! Without my fellow troops, the nightmare I had about the event being a failure would have surely come true!

The things you need for a badminton tournament:

1) Badminton courts - Minimum 2. (in my nightmare, it was the size of a ping-pong table)
2) Shuttles - minimum 3 packs.
3) Food, drinks, and plenty of mineral water!
4) A proper schedule - must make sure that no players have more than 1 game at one time.
5) Throphies!
6) Enough players!
7) Enough referees and linesmen!
8) Enough score sheets!
9) Sufficient pen for marking.

With all this in place, the tournament started with loads and loads of SMASH-SMASH! At the end of the day, I won second place in women double, and first place in mixed double! Yeahhh! Our  boss was so generous to give out Giant vouchers for the winners, he's such a dear!

Categories: Women Double, Men Double and Mixed Double

The next day, everyone came to work very robot-like... muscles tensed but surely we lost a few grams... I hope!

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