Sunday, January 9, 2011

Me & Wedding!

Date: 7 January 2011

How time flies! It has been exactly a year since my big day... the day that changed my life forever. From an irresponsible care-free girl, to an irresponsible care-free wife! Ahaks... Today, I want to walk down memory lane and reminisce about the day Hasben said, "I accept her as my wife and promise to buy anything she wants!"

The nervous future Hasben!

"I agree..." He signed without reading the terms and condition.

7 January 2010, exactly 3 years together and after 1 year of being engaged - we tied the knot! After Maghrib prayers, the Tok Kadi came to my house for the sacred ceremony. I had my maroon "Pari-Pari"s a.k.a my dear girlfriends sitting around me... we were busy chatting and taking pictures during the Kutbah.

Tok Kadi: Pengantin perempuan, tolong dengar ye... (Bride, please listen.)

How embarrassing!

After Hasben finished his prayer, we were supposed to do the ring exchange event. However, Dad and Dad-In-Law were not present... Missing in action! I was like, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

Photographer: I have never attended a wedding where people ignored the bride and groom...
Me: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When we finally found the Dads, everything went smoothly... we exchanged rings, Hasben gave me my dowry, and we did the k*ss thingy...~ (Too embarrasse to type it properly). Next, we went to KLCC for our outdoor photoshoot.

Wearing my dowry - necklace


9 January 2010
Sanding at my house. Colour theme... pink!

Pelamin Pink!

Gubahan by: Me!

Outdoor: KTM Building

10 January 2010
Sanding at Hasben's. Colour theme... blue turquoise!

Pelamin Turquoise!

Gubahan by: Mama

Outdoor: Istana Budaya

I'm so glad all went well but am not sure I would like to turn back time and do it all over again... the wedding planning was just too exhausting. Not to mention decorating the hantaran and the brides's room... However, it was worth every minute!


Juli said...

20 years down the road, ur kids will LOL read this!!

Achiq said...

Pink + Blue = ?
Romantic maaaaaaa

Anonymous said...


WinZie said...

Happy anniversary sissy! :*

Nor Azlin Kamarudin said...

Bestnye kawinnnnn.... tp serius, penat n klu bokeh nk patah balik n buat sesimple yg mungkin!!!

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