Monday, January 10, 2011

Me & Yoga!

The Journey To A Fabulous Body!

Everytime I'm feeling flabby/fatty or after watching Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewife, there's always the need for a good old workout! I have many workout DVDs - Hip Hop, Bellydancing, Aerobic, Boot Camp, and Yoga - but I find yoga to be more challenging, requires limited space (you don't have to jump here and there - hazardous on my IKEA glass cupboard), and takes only 10 minutes for me to sweat like hell. Please note that the yoga performed is purely for exercise and not for spiritual purposes.

During my single days, Julie Zac and I were very active in doing yoga. With baju kelawar and pyjamas, we switched on our laptop, and followed Denise Austin as best as we can... most of the time. At some point, we just watched her put her legs in the air while we catch our breaths. During this girlie and healthy time together, we chatted.... a lot! Sometimes, I can't understand what Julie Zac was saying - with her head under her chest and she's trying to talk and breath at the same time.... hillarious!

2011, new resolution to exercise plenty every week!

In regards to the header above - the journey is still on going... no signs of fabulous bodies, yet!


Juli said...

hahahaha.. funny when remember back our old days, me with kelawar terkangkang gabak nk ikut denis pnyer pasl

Ju Zie said...

kangkang ghabak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wakakakakaka! pecah kerongkong!

Nonny Atika said...

nice! maybe i should try yoga.. :) going to the gym is almost not an option these days (alasan haha)..

Ju Zie said...

Try Nonny!! Boleh rasa macam Eva Longoria!

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