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Restaurant: Thahara Seafood, KL

Thai Food at Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur!

Date: 30 December 2010

At last, my family and I were able to gather for the holidays (special holiday - TQ Harimau Malaya for being the best football team in South-East Asia!) for my belated + belated birthday dinner. We had Thai food!

This restaurant is quite famous amongst KL-ians for its delicious + yummylicious cooking! This was proven once we arrived as there were only 2 tables left empty. I even bumped-in to an old school friend having dinner with his family. The small drawback is the availability of parking space at peak hours... good luck with that! The plus side, very fast service - I wondered how they cook so fast?

I love Tom Yam, especially if Mak makes it. But the Tom Yam here is nearly as good as Mak's. They have so many variety of food, foreign to me... but superb! I am running out of adjectives to describe delicious, yummy, superb... so let the pictures do the talking!

Boiling Tom Yam! Sluuuurppp~

Daging Salai + Sotong Kicap + Sotong Goreng Tepung - Salai Beef + Soy Sauce Squid + Fried Flour Squid

Udang Tebu - Sugarcane Shrimp

Ikan 3 Rasa - 3 Flavoured Fish

Ayam Limau - Lemon Chicken

Fresh Mango Blend - The super-duper drink that gives you the same effect as smoking - addictive!!
100/100 score for Yumminess!

Me forcing down a piece of udang tebu - this special dinner contributed to my weight gain, this is a fact. In the background, Dad and Sister being goofy!

After we thought we might burst with increased stomach pressure, we went for a family karaoke night at Kelab Darul Ehsan. Hasben and I were so excited to show off our skill singing Awie's "Dipenjara Janji" and "Ratuku", only to be laughed at for being tone deaf (Okay just me, Hasben was better).

*Please note that direct translation of food names above are not to be used when ordering Thai food*
*Please stop licking your computer screen... ahaks!*

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Juli said...

yummilicios cuisine!(nk tokok tmbh adjective yg tak diterima pakai oleh oxford dictionary.hahaha)

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