Thursday, February 24, 2011

Types of Anchor Bolts

Date: 13 January 2011

Anchor Bolt - A fastener used to fastened an element to a base material.

To perform maintenance on existing structure can be very challenging as we do not have the freedom of space to work with. An anchor bolt for an equipment at my work place failed in tensile mode, causing increased in vibration reading of the equipment. To repair this, we have reached out to HILTI Malaysia, a specialist in anchoring.

There are 2 types of anchors: Cast-In Anchor and Post-Installed Anchor

Cast-In anchor is widely used on new construction, which is not an option for my repair work. It is not economically feasible to demolish most part of the concrete in order to cast in the anchor. Also, the time is a constraint. Thus, post-installed anchor is the best option. However, some calculations are required to ensure strength of anchor with overall loading.

Cast-In Anchor

Types of Cast-In Anchor:
1) Headed Bolt
2) L-Bolt
3) J-Bolt
4) Stud-welded plate.

1) High loading capabilities
2) With design criteria

1) Layout problems
2) Not flexible for fastened part adjustments (change in design)

Post-Installed Anchor

Types of Post-Installed Anchor:
1) Friction - Expansion anchor
2) Keying - Undercut anchor
3) Bonding - Chemical anchor
4) Combination of any 3 working principles.

1) High loading capabilities (can  be designed as cast-in)
2) With design criteria (ETAG)
3) Flexible for layout adjsutments
4) Easy installation

1) Less understood

Failure Modes

Source: Hilti Malaysia

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bandung & Jakarta, Indonesia

Shopping Trip With the Ladies!

Bye2 Hasben... I am off to Indonesia with the girls... plus 1 boy (a husband to one of the girls). This trip was very different from my usual trips - apart from no Hasben, I was expected to do less sight-seeing and plenty of shopping! But I only brought along RM300, so let's not get too excited... Iza was the trip leader. She arranged for the tour package and even managed to include Hard Rock Cafe visit in the itenary for my sake (I think so)... Thank you dearie!!

Date: 4 November 2010

In LCCT, as we were waiting for luggage check-in... (a side track) we saw Nora Danish, a Malaysian actress with her friends waiting for the plane to Bali... OOoOOoOoOoo~~

We landed in Jakarta at about 8PM. There were sooo many people at the airport that we had trouble to exit the building since the baggage check thingy was overcrowded with people... and bags!! When we finally boarded our van, it was still difficult to exit the parking area due to traffic jam. So another 2 hours on the road, we reached Hotel Ardellia, Bandung.

This is a recommended hotel! It may be small, like a family type business - but the receptionist was helpful, we had breakfast in bed, and best of all... free wifi!! (This is the chance to email Hasben and brag about my shopping conquest... niceee~).

Anyway, everyone was too tired so we went straight to bed after checking in.

Date: 5 November 2010


After breakfast in bed... we waited for our supir, Pak Sudin to pick us up from the hotel. We had to wait quite long since there was a problem with the air-conditioner... this gave us plenty of time for some picture taking.

Hotel Ardellia

When the transportation problem was finally solved, we started our Bandung trip to the must-visit, Tangkuban Parahu Volcano. As we ascended the mountain, the air got cooler... the view... amazing but scary - after all, it is still a volcano. We took some pictures with the famous Kawah Ratu, and did some souvenir shopping. The street salesmen sell the same things the shops do. However, you have to give the shops more attention in order to influence the street salesmen to reduce their price - then, it is definitely a bargain!

Kawah Ratu

Shopping Area

My friends and some street salesmen...

Busy shopping for souvenirs!

Next, it was shopping time all the way! We went to Pasar Baru - a haven for cloths, telekungs, bags, shoes...

Choosing telekung for family back home.

Indonesian ladies have colourful telekung for travelling - when folded, it becomes very small and can easily be placed inside handbags. In red, Zera and her new telekung!

Later, we visited Masjid Raya Bandung... and more shops. I had nothing to buy, so I found a stool and waited for the rest to finish shopping.

It is not easy to cross the roads!

Too tired even for window shopping.

Date: 6 November 2010

Today, we packed our bags and said goodbye to Bandung. We had to travel back to Jakarta. Before that, we had a photo stop at Gedung Sate - the office for the Governor of West Java Province.

Group photo at Gedung Sate!


2-3 hours later - with massive traffic jam, we finally arrived in the capital city of Indonesia.

A kid carrying a baby begging for money in the middle of the road!

We checked-in to N1 Hotel. This is a modern hotel with no wifi! Dissapointed!

The view from our hotel room... The other side of Jakarta.

After Zohor prayers, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant... the menu was: Nasi Padang. I didn't feel like eating since I had my mother's sambal ikan bilis sandwich with me. But my friends sure enjoyed it!

Another round of shopping for us at Gedung ITC Mangga Dua. We bought ourselves matching backpacks!

Super cute backpacks!!!!

At night, we went for a photo stop at Tugu Monas Monumen Nasional - the icon of Jakarta.

Me and Monas!

Next, Hard Rock Cafe stop. Hard Rock cafe is located at a posh shopping area of Jakarta. There were security people at the entrance, a very different view from Mangga Dua.

 Date: 7 November 2010

We woke up at 3AM (!!) and made our way to the airport. We found out that Pak Sudin, our supir, was sleeping in the van throught out the night... Sob sob... However, there was a delay in our flight and we had to wait for a couple of hours at the boarding gate.

Still shopping at the airport!

Waiting not so patiently...

We were quite restless and kept complaining to ourselves about the delay. Little did we know, this situation was caused by the tragedy of Merapi Volcano which erupted a few days ago. My friend DD, whose flight was suppose to be a bit later that same day was cancelled. Many Malaysians got stranded at the airport and had to wait a couple of days (not hours) to return to Malaysia. We did not know how lucky we were... Alhamdulillah... Once seated on the plane, half of us dozed off immediately, including me...

I was already in dreamland when Ifa took this picture, haha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beijing, China

Winter in Beijing!

It has been more than 2 years since we first started our travelling addiction and the first country we visited was China. As a first timer, we decided to follow a tour group - Reliance Muslim Travel - which we booked during MATTA Fair. My memories are a bit rusty but I will try my best to remember how the journey went.

Date: 18 December 2008

It was a 6 hour journey from KL. We arrived at dawn and it was quite a shock to experience the really cold weather. We met with our tour guide, Fara, a Mongolian who speaks really good Malay!

Beijing City from our bus.

Our first visit was to the Imperial Garden Summer Palace which was built for the mother of the last emperor, Qi Zi. It is very beautiful, and surely, it is more amazing during spring time! The lake was frozen soild!

The guards at the entrance of Summer Palace.

Fara, our guide - the little Malaysian flag was carried around to make sure we know where she was at all time!


Kunming Lake & Longevity Hill

For China tours, it is common for the tourists to be brought to all sorts of shopping places and factories, to promote the locals' goods. We were brought to many expensive shops - which my friends and I just couldn't care less. However, the aunties in our group went wild with joy, they loved to assist China's financial growth! So our first factory visit was the Fresh Water Pearl Center - they showed us how the clam was forced open to extract the pearls... a bit scary...



For Zohor prayers, we went to Nan Dou Ya Mosque, built hundreds of years ago, a very historical mosque indeed.

It was finally time for us to check-in to our hotel: Jingdu Business Hotel. Very comfy but some rooms had problems with the heater. We were freezing through out the night!

The view from the hotel window.

After resting for a bit, we went out again that evening to see a Chinese acrobatic show and had dinner. We had a look-see at a shopping mall nearby and I bought myself a long john... way cheaper than in Malaysia!

The acrobatic show!

 Date: 19 December 2008

 Another factory visit to start off our day, this time: Jade and Crystal Center.

Jade man making a jade ball. (Lousiest caption ever)

Jade pillow cover - said to be able to heal headaches or something.

Julie Zac & Zera buying some brooches. Enter frame: Boyfren (at that time).

After lunch, the moment I've been waiting for eagerly had finally arrived - Great Wall of China!! It was amazing! The beautiful mountains, sprinkled with snow, and the ancient wall built across them was a very magnificent sight!

Group photo!

Climbing our way up!

O man! We were too tired to proceed!

Obviously, we were excited!

After dinner, we were supposed to go back to our hotel for the night. However, my friends and I decided to walk about the city for a little sight seeing. We ended up in McDonalds for a light supper.

 Date: 20 December 2008

Today, we were scheduled to visit Forbidden City. Before that, a stop at a vase factory. While waiting for the others to shop, we took some pictures at the parking lot.

Hasben playing "kick colourful thingy" with the locals.

Forbidden City - the ancient palace for the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty.

On our way!

Within the palace walls - prentending to do some kung fu moves!

Looking at the (sun?)....

I feel like a chinese empress!

Not far from the palace is the Tiananmen Square - The Square of the Gate of the Heavely Peace.


It was so windy!

Next, we visited a silk factory, and a white gold shop which was supposably owned by a half Malaysian  man. Julie Zac bought a ring but it lost its sparkle a few months later... You can never really trust these business people!

At the silk shop - white thingy is silk...

 Date: 21 December 2008

Shopping day! It was our last chance to shop for souvenirs! We bought quite a few things for the family back home. BUT... never buy electronic goods at the market! I bought an MP3 player and a 32GB thumbdrive (which was never heard of at that point of time) which turned out to be fake... and very very low quality!! What a waste of money! And another advice, never start to bargain if you have no real intention to do business... they will pull you and force you to buy. The market sales people were quite aggresive.. I even had a shouting battle with one girl. It was a havoc!

Not the shouting girl...

A more peaceful environment was riding the trishaw through an old village. Later, we continued shopping the whole day!

An open-air barber shop! A view from our trishaw ride!

 Date: 22 December 2008

Finally, it was time for us to go home. The temperature further decreased in the night, it reached -7 deg C. We had a photo stop with the 2008 Olympic Bird Nest Stadium.

It started to snow, too bad we couldn't enjoy it since we were on our way to the airport.  Bye-bye Beijing!!!

Happy feet!

Waiting for the airplane~
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