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Euro Trip - England

Honeymoon - Part 10

Date: 23 February 2010


Waiting for our train!

Boarding the Eurostar

The 2 hour ride from Paris to London by Eurostar was finally over. I was trying to detect the moment the train went underwater, but failed! Or did we cross the srtait by bridge?? Oh well, at least we made it safely across. The St Pancras station was quite new looking. Our coach was ready for us at the parking lot.

At St Pancreas Station, London.

The London city tour started straight away... and it was a very quick one since we had to cover all prominent places in half a day. Our first stop was St. Paul's Cathedral, the second largest cathedral in the world.

Quick as a flash, we were brought to the London-must-visit, The Tower Bridge for photo snappings! I was quite annoyed that we had to rush everywhere. I wanted to enjoy the scene but was reminded to be quick about it! While the coach stopped by the roadside, we were given a few minutes to take some pictures with Big Ben and Westminster Abby (from afar!!)... As an avid cam-whore, I was dissapointed with the picture taking opportunity - the pictures were not up to my satisfaction!

Next, we visited Buckingham Palace. We saw the flag was up which indicates that Queen Elizabeth II was home.

The famous royal guards were not standing in front of the gates like what we usually see in the movies. Since it was winter, they get to be inside the gates... any attempts to act like Mr. Bean vanished... huhu!

Finally, the rushing was over. The tour ends at Oxford Street for shopping time, which I was not interested in. Instead, "Operation Stamford Bridge" was launched. After very intense research and careful planning, I had promised Hasben to bring him to Stamford Bridge, the football stadium of his favourite team, Chelsea. So, while the rest went shopping, Hasben and I went out on out own for a little London adventure. We went to the nearest Underground Station, and bought a whole day pass. We were walking unconfidently accross the station to find the right train to Fulham Broadway.

When we finally reached Stamford Bridge, Hasben went wild with excitement... like a kid in a toy shop! He was running everywhere, asking me to snap his photoes with nearly all the posters on the walls. we went inside the official Chelsea souvenir shop and Hasben bought himself a jersey. The look on his face gave me pleasure as I knew that I had made his dream come true. However, no famous football player was there for an autograph... (you wish!). These are a few snapshots of the happy fan:

"Operation Stamford Bridge" : SUCCESS!!

Chelsea lost in this game... wakaka!

Hasben the waterboy!

Not my cup of tea! (In a British accent)

The wall don't look too confident!

Anchelotti: Planning to steal Torres from Liverpool.. Grrr!

We took the Underground again to Green Park and shopped for my pin collection in Hard Rock Cafe.

Our time was limited as Mr. Tan had told us that the coach will leave for China Town for dinner at 6 PM. Before getting back to Oxford Street, we had a quick photo time at Green Park which I thought was Hyde Park (Haha!).

We made it just in time, the second last to board the coach! Phew! After dinner, we went to Hammersmith to check-in to Novotel... and we were expected to rest for the journey back home tomorrow... Hmmm... our last day in Europe... would I want to waste my time watching telly or shall I have a night stroll around London with the Underground all-day pass....? Definitely the latter!

Tower Hill - The last station.

It's a good thing that the hotel was very close to the Hammersmith Underground Station. We wanted to have more time at Tower Bridge so off we went, for quite a long train ride. The Tower Bridge at night is far more beautiful! We took our time with photo taking as there was no pressure to be quick,quick,quick! We snapped our last photo that night as the camera ran out of battery, and our tripod got stuck!


The Thames River

Date: 24 February 2010

We woke up for the last time in Europe, packed our bags, and off we went to Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport

Starting from tomorrow, it's back to reality for us - no more snow, no more fairytale castles - and hello again office!

As much as I enjoyed my 2 weeks of adventure, it was a relief to be breathing Malaysian air, and to be standing on Malaysian soil... welcome home!


Juli said...

no matter hw wonderful the ohter places, i found that London story is the closest to my heart. mungkin sebab really immerse myself in your story verbally kot..

p.s: bkan torres dah successfully bought ka?

Ju Zie said...

Yala already bought... Sblm bli, kna rancang dulu, haha!

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