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Euro Trip - France

Honeymoon - Part 9

Date: 21 February 2010


It was a long bus ride to Paris from Brussels. We had dinner at a rest area on the freeway. By the time we reached Paris, it was already night time and we went straight to the hotel.

Holiday Inn: Paris - Valizy

Date: 22 February 2010

Paris, the city of love, the best place to visit with your loved one. The most important place is of course, the Eiffel Tower. First, we had a photo stop of the whole structure from afar. Then, we went up the tower, until Level 2. Hasben, the maintenance engineer was busily inspecting the steel coating used on the structure while normal people were enjoying the view, haha! We observed the plan view of the whole city very vlearly as the government did not allow for construction of modern high rise buildings within that area. Marvellous!

Eiffel, I'm In Love - (Indonesian Movie)

View from Level 2 of Eiffel Tower

We also visited other famous landmarks (which I can't remember the names) like Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon's tomb building, monument from the Egyptian King...

Napoleon's Tomb and the French Army Museum Military History in the Invalides (after Googling =p)

Arc de Triomphe

Egyption Obelisks at Place De La Concorde

Next, we went for a river cruise around Paris. I chose to sit outside in the cold open air - to have a better view of the city. The cold wind was really slicing up my face but I stayed strong.

Listening to the tour guide through the metallic thingy...

We went under so many bridges - including the most beautiful bridge in Paris.

We also passed by Notre Dam. It was a very interesting looking building and I wondered if The Hunchback of Notre Dam was real... hmm~

Notre Dam from the boat!

In the afternoon, it was shopping time. The other tour members went wild in search of LV and Gucci and whatever else... just the ladies. The men (after giving money to their wives and daughters), went to the Lourve. Hasben and I, we searched for Hard Rock Cafe after window shopping in Galleries Lafayette. We misunderstood the direction and had a hard time finding it. The salesman was from Senagal, and we asked him the direction to the Lourve.

Me: Can you show us the way to the Love.
Hard Rock Cafe man: What's that?
Me: You know, the pyramid made up of glass.. Loveee...
Hard Rock Cafe man: Oh, you mean the Lourveeee (with very Frenchy 'R' or in Jawi, huruf ghain - this is how you pronounce it: Luughvvv)

It turned out, the Lourve was quite far from the shopping area. But I was determined to go there for some pictures.

On our way~

The Lourve - Look, Tom Hanks! (Kidding!)

This place is in The Da Vinci Code, I'd be crazy if I didn't go there! On the way back to our bus, we stopped by a Japanese souvenir shop and had a look-see in H&M.

Malaysia Tourism in Paris - Malaisie~~ How sexy!

We waited at Galleries Lafayette for the others to finish shopping.

That's the end of our Paris day trip. We went back to the hotel and spent one more night in Paris. Tomorrow, we will be taking the Eurostar to London, for our last and final European country visit.

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loghhvee tak included in intnarary ker?? u did tremendous effort. mmg must-go place in pghanss

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