Monday, February 7, 2011

Torres The Traitor!


It is unfair for us Liverpool fans to call Torres a traitor. I mean, many players come and go for the sake of their careers. However, in the current state of the football club, at 6th place on the EPL table at the moment, the expensive striker chose to leave Liverpool for an upgraded salary. His dream for a title may have influenced him to join Chelsea... at the same time, crushing the hearts of many Liverpool fans.

I personally feel that it's not such a big loss. After all, it is not like loosing Michael Owen, who was Liverpool raised, and more deadlier on the field... and joined Man U later on... I mean, what was he thinking??

Torres in Blue!

On his debut at Chelsea, Torres failed to impress his new team and fans - straight from Hasben's mouth - and made us Liverpool fans say, "Who needs him?"

The Star

Liverpool won 1-0 at Stamford Bridge WITHOUT Torres' help, thank you very much!


Juli said...

hoho.. there goes another hunky player of liverpool~ too bad

Ju Zie said...

hensemnesss wise, i totally agree..!

Hazari. said...

a high price and a handsome face wouldn't be just enough to buy a winning, but enough to lost a pride.

whahahaha ~~~

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