Thursday, February 24, 2011

Types of Anchor Bolts

Date: 13 January 2011

Anchor Bolt - A fastener used to fastened an element to a base material.

To perform maintenance on existing structure can be very challenging as we do not have the freedom of space to work with. An anchor bolt for an equipment at my work place failed in tensile mode, causing increased in vibration reading of the equipment. To repair this, we have reached out to HILTI Malaysia, a specialist in anchoring.

There are 2 types of anchors: Cast-In Anchor and Post-Installed Anchor

Cast-In anchor is widely used on new construction, which is not an option for my repair work. It is not economically feasible to demolish most part of the concrete in order to cast in the anchor. Also, the time is a constraint. Thus, post-installed anchor is the best option. However, some calculations are required to ensure strength of anchor with overall loading.

Cast-In Anchor

Types of Cast-In Anchor:
1) Headed Bolt
2) L-Bolt
3) J-Bolt
4) Stud-welded plate.

1) High loading capabilities
2) With design criteria

1) Layout problems
2) Not flexible for fastened part adjustments (change in design)

Post-Installed Anchor

Types of Post-Installed Anchor:
1) Friction - Expansion anchor
2) Keying - Undercut anchor
3) Bonding - Chemical anchor
4) Combination of any 3 working principles.

1) High loading capabilities (can  be designed as cast-in)
2) With design criteria (ETAG)
3) Flexible for layout adjsutments
4) Easy installation

1) Less understood

Failure Modes

Source: Hilti Malaysia


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Wakaka! Oh Mr Ibrisam, pasti kecewa dpt student lagha mcm kite...

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