Friday, February 11, 2011

Universal Studios, Singapore

An American Adventure in South-East Asia!

Date: 3 February 2011

It was a long holiday for Chinese New Year. My family decided to check-out USS (Universal Studios Singapore). Pak Su, my uncle,  bought the ticket in advance for $73 each - Singapore Dollar, of course. If you can avoid coming here on holidays, please do so... or you'll end up like us, spending most of our time waiting in line for the rides. It's crazy!! So, with that advice, let us walk through USS from the view of my camera lense!

Upon arrival, we took sooo many pics at the main gate. We were still fresh and excited!

The Famous Universal Globe!
Half of The Family Squad at The Main Gate!
Dad & Me

Finally, after endless photo shoots... we went inside for the real thing!

Lil Bro & Sis's First Steps in USS!

The park was decorated with many themes based from Universal Studios' movies. Some that I could remember are: New York Street, Hollywood, Lost World, Far Far Away (Shrek), The Mummy, Madagascar etc...

Hollywood Street - we didn't have time to watch Monster Rock [-_-]"
Goofy hats - free to try!

The first ride we tried was The Mummy Thingy (not the actual name)... we queued but did not know what to expect. Everyone had their shock of a lifetime when we found out after actually riding it (too late) that it was a roller coaster, moving in the dark. Mom bought the on-ride picture - I was so ugly and definitely will not be sharing the pic here!

Why did I even borther to crack my brain for the list of themes... here you are!

The most gruesome ride is definitely Battlestar Galactica - which was not officially open for public yet. Some lucky visitors were allowed to have a go on the test runs. To our dismay, we weren't the lucky ones. (To my relief, we weren't the lucky ones!). There were two roller coasters with two tracks - one sitting, the other one hanging. Just have a look at below pics... I don't want to be a hamster/testing speciment!

Do we have to sign life insurance or something?

In the afternoon, after lunch, we had to perform Zohor prayers. There was no musolla provided so we found a strategic place somewhere near Water World.

The girl in white - a stranger who joined us for solat.
Lil Bro who wore shorts had to borrow Sis' pink telekung (He'll hate me forever for showing this pic to the public, haha!)

At 3.30 pm, we watched Water World show - very awesome live show... full of stunts, explosives, muscular men... *wink wink* (Ops, baru je cerita pasal solat!) It is based on the Kevin Costner movie.

Water World set.

We tried a few other rides and took some pictures with the 'famous' people walking about the park like Puss in Boots, Shrek & Fiona, the Madagascar animals, Charlie Chaplin, etc...

The Kiddy Ride.
My Dino Pet named Belang.
King Julien's MarryGoRound - We like to move it, move it!
Far Far Away Castle!

The souvenir shops were everywhere!

"The Position of Annoying Talking Animal is Already Taken" - I love this phrase!
Baby Q's Gingy the Doll and Smoothy in a cool bottle!
The entrance ticket, Magnets & Pin!

We stayed here until it was dark!

Charlie Chaplin!
Lil Bro!
Nope, no one is having a seizure - some B-boys breakdancing!
Elvis' fans singing with the jukebox!
Me at New York Alley - not the actual one.

With wobbly feet, we called it a day! Goodbye Charlie Chaplin and friends!

Date: 4&5 February 2011

Shopping days (or window shopping days for some). Just wanted to share our Singapore Hard Rock Cafe visit!

Bought my pin! Click Here!

Renoma handbag from Mom... Thank you~ Muaaax!


Juli said...

wonderful trip!! but the sight of your lil brother with pinky leg wrap, surely he`s going to freak out if he see it here!hahah

WinZie said...

Lol! it's the mummy revenge kakju :|

Ju Zie said...

O ya... Tak igt langsung!! Hehe...

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