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Women & Leadership in Islam

Choices, Chances & Challenges

Date: 26 Jan 2011

By: Ustaz M Aidil Adha

This program was held by my company in order to unite and share some knowledge between the ladies. There were 2 inspiring leaders who were invited to share their journeys to the top of their career ladders. Ustaz was the only male attending this event. He was the last speaker and his tazkirah was about the women leaders in Islam.

The advantages of being a woman:

1) Allah created a special surah in Quran named An-Nisa (Woman) to discuss on issues especially about women whereby there is no Surah Al-Rijal (Man).

2) A woman's sallary is 100% hers.
Ustaz said: Tapi nak masuk syurga, bagi la... yg suami, kalau orang nak bagi, rezeki jangan tolak =p

3) The emotions of love and care are more deeper in women than in men.
That is why women are easily jealous. Ustaz, from Terengganu, speaks in a Terengganu dialect which was a bit humorous when he recite the dialogues between Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Saidatina Aishah.

SA: Abang asek sebuk nama Kak Joh sokmo... You mention Siti Khadijah all the time...
PM: The reasons are:
a) At the time when people hate and denies me, Kak Joh mu la yang terima dan membenarkan... Siti Khadijah was the one who accepts and agrees with me.
b) At the time when others save money for themselves, she spent it for Islam.
c) She was the only wife Allah blessed me with children.

Prophet Muhammad's wife named Safiya was a good cook.
SA: Hok Kak Yah sedap sokmo... Safiya's cooking is always good to you...

When a wife cooks, the husband must always give her compliments even if it is yucky in order to take care of her feelings. Although Siti Aishah was a jealous person, she expressed it directly to her husband... unlike most of us who would bitch talk our husbands with our friends... no no!

4) House chores are the responsibility of the husband.
Laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. are the husband's responsibility. However, when the wife takes charge of this tasks, they are blessed with pahala.

When a husband decides to marry another woman, Ustaz says that the wife can give him back his responsibilities. Let him do the laundry for the whole family, including hers... let him do the cooking and cleaning.

4) It is haram during war to kill women, children and the eldery... unless the woman is in the attacking line.


5) All sins are forgiven the moment a woman gives birth to her child.

The examples of women in Islam highlighted by Ustaz:

1) Siti Khadijah - a woman so noble with the greatest value of iman. Allah specially sent His regards to her!

2) Asiah - the wife of the egyptian pharaoh. She traded her life as the queen and all her gold to be tortured  in the dessert, just for her iman to Allah. Through Prophet Musa, Allah sent His regards and ask her to request for anything she wishes. Asiah wished for a house in heaven. Allah allowed her to see her wish right before she blew her last breath.

3) Balqis - The powerful queen. Allah gaver her iman as she married Prophet Sulaiman. With iman, her civilization was finally complete.

Reminders to all Muslimah leaders:

1) Although you are a powerful and elegant (that was the word Ustaz used) leader, you must always respect your husband. Make sure you smile sincerely at him. Ustaz's definition of sincere... senyum biar simetri, jangan sebelah je terangkat (Haha!)... make sure the smile is symmetrical =p.

2) A successful woman is when she succeeds in her family matters.

3) We have only 3 days, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come, today is the day to do our best!

These are a few points I picked up from the tazkirah. Hopefully, through this sharing, we can be powerful leaders, respected... and of course elegant gitu~ (My conclusion sounds very power crazy - Muahahaha!)

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Juli said...

ustaz very adamant to relay the dialogue and make sure that audience can paham sampai di terengganu kan abes nama2 isteri Rasulullah..haha nice~

Achiq said...

Suka Ustaz Aidil Adha ni...
Bersyukurlah kita kerana diciptakan sebagai wanita.

mrs redzuan said...

Bagus tajuk ceramah tu..bagus jugak pegi dengar ceramah tu, dapat ilmu dan lebih bagus apabila dikongsikan, hehe.

Kalo dengar ceramah Ustaz Azhar pun kelako jugak...bagus betul, ada isi dan dalam masa sama tak boring. hehe

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