Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Runaway - Pillow Version

Me and My Fluffy Pillows!!

I am a specific sleeper... which means, I have problem sleeping if there was something not quite right with my sleeping arrangement. I am soooo  loyal to my pillows, you will see why...

During one movie night with Julie Zac - watching Eat, Pray, Love - me the multi-tasker performed my first Project Runaway for my 16 year old bolster... yup, 16!! My mom bought it for me when I was 11 years old in the year 1995. The cloth was so old and already disintegrated that when Hasben pulled it out from its case for laundry time, the bolster broke in half! By the end of the movie, the bolster was good as new, and more cylindrical than before! Yeah!

Too bad I didn't have the 'before' picture...

The second Project Runaway - Pillow Version was for my leg hugging pillow (bantal peluk kaki) which I can't remember when exactly I owned it. The only thing I am sure of, is that it is so fluffy that no one is allowed to use it except me. It too was aging, with the same symptoms as my bolster. During one of my comfy nights, I accidentally tore the edge. Poor thing...

This time, I took pictures of the "make-over". I bought a 1 meter cloth from Kamdar and wrappd the pillow up.

The torn edge... =C

While watching Toy Story 3, the sewing begins... and finally, with its new outfit, my old pillow looks so sexy!! You probably want to hug it because it looks so yummy... but you CAN'T! Hihihi...

The two angels in their fresh and clean pillow cases, looking ageless!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Restaurant: Me'nate Steak House, Ampang

Beef Steak - Made in Malaysia!

Date: 5 March 2010

Happy birthday Dad!! For his birthday, he can choose whatever he wants for the birthday dinner! So, Dad the meat-eater, steak-lover chose this little place in Ampang Jaya. He had been here a couple of times, and had interviewed the owner. The owner is a native Selangor man who owns a land at Kelang where he breeds cows. Not just any cow, but the same kind that the Westerners pampered with wine to produce the juiciest meat. Minus the wine, the cows were treated and raised with the exact same techniques.

First, we had to choose the meat we wanted for the chef to cook as per our request - rare, medium rare, medium well, and so on... So Dad chose Wa'gyu beef and lamb.


Look at the price tags!!

The memory of those mash potatoes is haunting me to this very day!

God... I'm drooling!!

When the waiter served our meal, I saw the guy on the next table gave a quiet "WOW!". "These meat just melt in my mouth!" said Mom approvingly (not to the "wow" guy, but to me). Every meal comes with free drinks and refills... so drink all you can but remember to finish them all... there is a penalty for wasted drinks!

Juices, coffee, mocha... just grab them all!

I have to agree that the steaks were superb! And to think that they were not imported, plus cooked by a local restaurant is just amazing! Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Restaurant: Red Wok, Bangi

Steam Boats & Plenty More!

Date: 28 January 2011

My brother-in-law was feeling generous and wanted to treat the whole family to a special dinner. I looove special dinner! It was a long drive to Bangi but the first sight of Red Wok re-boosted our spirit - it was nicely decorated and gave the impression of comfort dining! The concept was buffet style - from fresh seafood to pre-cooked Malaysian food, Western food and for dessert, my all time favourite - ice-cream!

Many-many food to choose from *Yeah!*

Once chosen, the raw seafood was brought back to our table for some frying and boiling!

Tom yam soup and fried kerang!

Be careful though, the plate is really hot... it is better to eat without any burnt hands. To challenge your taste buds, see below pictures for golden red shrimps... freshly fried!

Place raw shrimps on hot plate...

Tadaaaa!!!! Crunchy crunchy!

After shoving all these cholestrols inside my system, I had yam and coffee flavoured ice-cream - more than a few scoops actually! As a sign of giving up, I ate 1 healthy slice of orange to end the steam-boat fest.

Thank you Iwan, the brother-in-law! He had to pay RM30 per person. As a reminder, the restaurant policy stated that uneaten food will be charged. So don't be too greedy ya-all!~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Date: 6 March 2011

For muslims, it is haram to consume alcohol. However, now exists non-alcoholic beer, which looks exactly like beer and can be bought at Carrefour for RM2++... There is also a 'Halal' logo on the bottle. I am not sure whether it is allowed to imitate beer drinking with something very similar to it.

"What purpose is it for (the Halal beer)? To imitate people togok arak but in Muslim way?"
Julie Zac, Costing Engineer, Terengganu.

In America, non-alcoholic beer is something of a worry to parents, since some perceive it as "training beer" for their teenage children. They call it "near beer" and actually contains .5% alcohol by volume. Please refer article by Jonathan Agley: Non-Alcoholic Beer. However, I am not saying that the 'Halal' beer at Carrefour contains alcohol. Maybe it will bring fitnah if we are not careful. So I asked an ustaz to explain on this matter.

"Beer is haram because it contains alcohol (or any other substance) that causes intoxication. Without those substance, the drink is then halal. From my point of view, it is halal but using similar bottles to actual beer should not happen because it will cause fitnah to the community who are not aware on the existense of said drink."
Ustaz Zalani, Terengganu.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Movie: 127 Hours

Date: 4 March 2011

Hasben was playing laser tag with his officemates at Mid Valley. I came along and decided to go to the cinemas alone while waiting for him to finish. All the movies listed were mainly Oscar nominated - Black Swan, The King's Speech, The Fighter, 127 Hours - which registered as depressing to me. I wanted something funny and light - a chicklit prefarably - but No Strings Attached was 'Coming Soon'. So I browsed the posters and decided to watch 127 Hours, just because James Franco is so gorgeous!

James Franco played Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who works as an engineer. He liked to travel alone without telling anyone where he was going. One day, while sliding down a canyon in Utah, his hands got stuck under a falling bolder. He was trapped alone for 127 hours - 5 days - without anyone knowing where he was. The movie showed his experience and his will to survive. I am not sure if this is a spoiler or not - but he finally cut off his hands!! I repeat... cut off his hands! It was gruesome!!!! And totally depressing... what makes it even more depressing was that it is based on a true story!

I had to control my emotions since I can't scream to the person next to me. I was glancing at the exit door a few times - I couldn't wait until the movie was over. Although it has been a few days, I am still imagining the hand-cutting scene! The lesson learnt here: Tell your loved ones wherever you are going!

Final Rating: 8/10 - Despite being very depressing, it was a remarkable story! And James Franco was so cute. Although the Oscar people said that he was a lousy host... he is still cute... =p

Hah! I am like a teenager!

Oscar 2011 hosts

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me & iPhone 4


Date: 2 March 2011

Hasben looooves iPhone 4. I like iPhone 4, but I also like my Sony Ericsson W705i. I am a very clumsy person, a klutz, if you will. So cheaper handphones are most suitable for me because anytime, I will drop them, throw them, or even kick them - accidentally of course! Furthermore, my SE is a wedding gift, something I would like to use as long as possible.

Survived many unimaginable falls!

But no, Hasben just would not rest until I get an iPhone 4, just like him. He said it will be easier to do Face Time (apparently a special name for iPhone users which simply means video call). He mentioned many many times that he wants to give me an iPhone for my birthday - and I reacted very sensibly, "No way!! That is a waste of money!! I'll drop it and you'll go crazy!" I threathened him that if he ever tried to buy it for me, he will be very sorry.

Apparently, he did get a bit scared, but not scared enough to drop the subject. He went to Gebeng on 2nd March for a factory visit with his officemates... so this is the only time I can't monitor his whereabouts. At home that evening, he insisted on buying some keropok lekor and fried banana for evening snacks. When he was out, I heard an iPhone ringing (the default ringtone) and I thought Hasben left his at home. I followed the sound and found the iPhone on our bedside table... I thought to myself, "What!! He bought a new casing.. pink?" and picked it up. The caller was Hasben's number and I immediately realized what he had done.

Same colour with my SE

The plan was for me to pick it up and Hasben yelling SURPRISE!! No way I'm giving him that satisfaction! So I placed the iPhone down and continued watching TV like nothing happened. Hasben got back with the evening snack and also pretended that nothing happened. So I interrogated him:

Me: Where did you go on the way back from Gebeng?
Hasben: Kemaman, bought some jerseys for Pokku's kids.
Me: Then... where did you go?
Hasben: (Started smiling) Ooooo.... You already know!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprise!! It's a wedding anniversary gift!
Me: (Lengthy scolding and babbling) Degil... bla bla bla.... bazir... bla bla bla!
Hasben: (Using reverse phsycology, showed a hurt expression)

Now, who can compete with that! I can so much as threathen but when it's in my hand, I can't immerse the iPhone in water or burn it as a sign of protest, right? So Hasben wins - he succesfully suprised me and bought a present without my knowledge (a first time ever) - and forced me to become an iPhone user.

Mine... i guess~ Fully covered for soft landing during emergencies!

Thanks Babe... Stubborn Husband a.k.a. Staben Hasben!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gadget: Panasonic Hair Styler

Belated birthday gift requested from Hasben:

Panasonic Hair Styler

Yeeha~! This is a really cool gadget... Usually, to blow dry our hair using a hairdryer, we need both of our hands - one to hold the hairdryer, the other one to hold a comb... As shown in below picture...

However, with this gadget, it combines the hairdryer with the comb, leaving one hand free to scratch our nose, to munch biscuits or to change the TV channel. Also, it has both hot and cool air features for either drying or styling. Loving it!

A comb with wire!

Last night, I multi-tasked (a woman's most valuable skill) - I watched Glee on StarWorld and dried my hair at the same time. It did not make too much noise, so I can still hear the Gleeks singing their hearts out!

Cost: +- RM80
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