Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me & iPhone 4


Date: 2 March 2011

Hasben looooves iPhone 4. I like iPhone 4, but I also like my Sony Ericsson W705i. I am a very clumsy person, a klutz, if you will. So cheaper handphones are most suitable for me because anytime, I will drop them, throw them, or even kick them - accidentally of course! Furthermore, my SE is a wedding gift, something I would like to use as long as possible.

Survived many unimaginable falls!

But no, Hasben just would not rest until I get an iPhone 4, just like him. He said it will be easier to do Face Time (apparently a special name for iPhone users which simply means video call). He mentioned many many times that he wants to give me an iPhone for my birthday - and I reacted very sensibly, "No way!! That is a waste of money!! I'll drop it and you'll go crazy!" I threathened him that if he ever tried to buy it for me, he will be very sorry.

Apparently, he did get a bit scared, but not scared enough to drop the subject. He went to Gebeng on 2nd March for a factory visit with his officemates... so this is the only time I can't monitor his whereabouts. At home that evening, he insisted on buying some keropok lekor and fried banana for evening snacks. When he was out, I heard an iPhone ringing (the default ringtone) and I thought Hasben left his at home. I followed the sound and found the iPhone on our bedside table... I thought to myself, "What!! He bought a new casing.. pink?" and picked it up. The caller was Hasben's number and I immediately realized what he had done.

Same colour with my SE

The plan was for me to pick it up and Hasben yelling SURPRISE!! No way I'm giving him that satisfaction! So I placed the iPhone down and continued watching TV like nothing happened. Hasben got back with the evening snack and also pretended that nothing happened. So I interrogated him:

Me: Where did you go on the way back from Gebeng?
Hasben: Kemaman, bought some jerseys for Pokku's kids.
Me: Then... where did you go?
Hasben: (Started smiling) Ooooo.... You already know!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprise!! It's a wedding anniversary gift!
Me: (Lengthy scolding and babbling) Degil... bla bla bla.... bazir... bla bla bla!
Hasben: (Using reverse phsycology, showed a hurt expression)

Now, who can compete with that! I can so much as threathen but when it's in my hand, I can't immerse the iPhone in water or burn it as a sign of protest, right? So Hasben wins - he succesfully suprised me and bought a present without my knowledge (a first time ever) - and forced me to become an iPhone user.

Mine... i guess~ Fully covered for soft landing during emergencies!

Thanks Babe... Stubborn Husband a.k.a. Staben Hasben!


Juli said...

sweettttttttttttt lah!!!

welcome to iphone buddy.

i still nokia savvy until furher notice..hihihi

Ju Zie said...

stick with the cute hp, sng smpn dlm poket!

Achiq said...

syoknya... kita tunggu hasben kita bagi ipad ...(dalam mimpi)..hihihi

Ju Zie said...

Haha, Achiq... En Hafiang sure ada wat bnd sweetnye tp secret... =p

M Hizam Shah said...

Iphone has changed her from a lovely & caring wife to an addicted gamer sob sob sob..

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