Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Movie: 127 Hours

Date: 4 March 2011

Hasben was playing laser tag with his officemates at Mid Valley. I came along and decided to go to the cinemas alone while waiting for him to finish. All the movies listed were mainly Oscar nominated - Black Swan, The King's Speech, The Fighter, 127 Hours - which registered as depressing to me. I wanted something funny and light - a chicklit prefarably - but No Strings Attached was 'Coming Soon'. So I browsed the posters and decided to watch 127 Hours, just because James Franco is so gorgeous!

James Franco played Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who works as an engineer. He liked to travel alone without telling anyone where he was going. One day, while sliding down a canyon in Utah, his hands got stuck under a falling bolder. He was trapped alone for 127 hours - 5 days - without anyone knowing where he was. The movie showed his experience and his will to survive. I am not sure if this is a spoiler or not - but he finally cut off his hands!! I repeat... cut off his hands! It was gruesome!!!! And totally depressing... what makes it even more depressing was that it is based on a true story!

I had to control my emotions since I can't scream to the person next to me. I was glancing at the exit door a few times - I couldn't wait until the movie was over. Although it has been a few days, I am still imagining the hand-cutting scene! The lesson learnt here: Tell your loved ones wherever you are going!

Final Rating: 8/10 - Despite being very depressing, it was a remarkable story! And James Franco was so cute. Although the Oscar people said that he was a lousy host... he is still cute... =p

Hah! I am like a teenager!

Oscar 2011 hosts


Juli said...

uisshhh..saiko jugak, but must be worth to watch..

p/s : looked like anne lagi outstanding dari james masa akademi award tu laa

MULAN said...

have u watched sanctum? james cameron's movie? sesak napas tengok movie tu.. a great one from james cameron.. also based on true story..

Ju Zie said...

juli: women are always more outstanding than men =p
mulan: x tgk lg... x mampu tgk cte sesak napas lg at the moment, haha!

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