Friday, March 18, 2011

Restaurant: Me'nate Steak House, Ampang

Beef Steak - Made in Malaysia!

Date: 5 March 2010

Happy birthday Dad!! For his birthday, he can choose whatever he wants for the birthday dinner! So, Dad the meat-eater, steak-lover chose this little place in Ampang Jaya. He had been here a couple of times, and had interviewed the owner. The owner is a native Selangor man who owns a land at Kelang where he breeds cows. Not just any cow, but the same kind that the Westerners pampered with wine to produce the juiciest meat. Minus the wine, the cows were treated and raised with the exact same techniques.

First, we had to choose the meat we wanted for the chef to cook as per our request - rare, medium rare, medium well, and so on... So Dad chose Wa'gyu beef and lamb.


Look at the price tags!!

The memory of those mash potatoes is haunting me to this very day!

God... I'm drooling!!

When the waiter served our meal, I saw the guy on the next table gave a quiet "WOW!". "These meat just melt in my mouth!" said Mom approvingly (not to the "wow" guy, but to me). Every meal comes with free drinks and refills... so drink all you can but remember to finish them all... there is a penalty for wasted drinks!

Juices, coffee, mocha... just grab them all!

I have to agree that the steaks were superb! And to think that they were not imported, plus cooked by a local restaurant is just amazing! Malaysia Boleh!


Juli said...

plus another reason why u is soo crazy about ampang..hahah..

good ampanger!

Ju Zie said...

U got that rite sistah!

Achiq said...

Wah...n3 pasal food aje lately..ada apa2 ke?

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