Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Restaurant: Red Wok, Bangi

Steam Boats & Plenty More!

Date: 28 January 2011

My brother-in-law was feeling generous and wanted to treat the whole family to a special dinner. I looove special dinner! It was a long drive to Bangi but the first sight of Red Wok re-boosted our spirit - it was nicely decorated and gave the impression of comfort dining! The concept was buffet style - from fresh seafood to pre-cooked Malaysian food, Western food and for dessert, my all time favourite - ice-cream!

Many-many food to choose from *Yeah!*

Once chosen, the raw seafood was brought back to our table for some frying and boiling!

Tom yam soup and fried kerang!

Be careful though, the plate is really hot... it is better to eat without any burnt hands. To challenge your taste buds, see below pictures for golden red shrimps... freshly fried!

Place raw shrimps on hot plate...

Tadaaaa!!!! Crunchy crunchy!

After shoving all these cholestrols inside my system, I had yam and coffee flavoured ice-cream - more than a few scoops actually! As a sign of giving up, I ate 1 healthy slice of orange to end the steam-boat fest.

Thank you Iwan, the brother-in-law! He had to pay RM30 per person. As a reminder, the restaurant policy stated that uneaten food will be charged. So don't be too greedy ya-all!~


Achiq said...

Yummy, yummy.. tiba2 rasa lapor jer dlm kesejukan hujan ni....

Juli said...

konsep pilih dan masak mcm kt tupai tupai restaurant tp kt situ steambot. hrg pon reasonable like here

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