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Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane City Tour

Date: 15 March 2011

What a nice morning in Gold Coast!

The pick-up van came for us early in the morning for an hour ride to Brisbane... which we spent most of the time sleeping... hihi... I was surprised to find a signboard on the highway stating a place called Tanah Merah... wow... a Malay name! When we reached Brisbane Bus Terminal, our guide, Steve was ready for us.

We drove around Brisbane City and viewed its historical buildings. Before this, we keep pronouncing this city as Bris-bane (as in sugarcane), but now that we have met with the locals, we learned to say it the right way, Bris-burn.

An old gothic church.

The way back to Gold Coast!

At Kangaroo Point - a view of the city with really brownish river.

The historical Breakfast Creek Hotel - seems to be facing with many flooding problems.

At Bartley's Hill View Point - Another view of the city.

A wealthy person's house at Bartley Hill - looks so much like a Malay village house!

Next on the itinerary was a river cruise. We were a bit confused on whether our trip was a full-day tour or a half-day tour. We asked Steve regarding this and he became a bit panicky... he probably thought we were complaining and making a big fuss... but really... we were quite cluesless since our agent in Malaysia did not really detail out our trip... so that's a lesson learnt, ladies and gentlemen.

Hasben at the jetty waiting for the boat.

Zera and Steve discussing on what we are suppose to do next... In the background, the boat is coming!!

Breakfast on the cruise... yum yum!

Story Bridge - 1 of 2 bridges in Australia you can climb, the other is in Sydney.

The breezy ride ended near Wheel of Brisbane... we had a go on the wheel before Steve left us for free and easy. Apparently we booked for the half-day tour, not the full-day one... now we know~!

Wheel of Brsibane!

Since it is Zohor prayer time, we decided to go and find a mosque. We asked a bartender in a Turkish restaurant the way to any mosque nearby and he confidentally showed us the way. We walked for God knows how long... until our legs were shaking like mad... but we couldn't find one. The bartender was after all pouring beer when we asked him, he may have misunderstood us... (??) Finally, we went to Southbank Institute of Technology and asked a student there for a prayer room... and thank God... they had one. We could have saved all the trouble... but things may happen for a reason...

During our tiring search - is this Kuala Kangsar, Perak??

Southbank Institute of Technology

Mission accomplished!

After all the drama, we decided to finally have lunch at the park and relax our tired muscles. We had to be back at the bus terminal at 4.30PM.

A nice rest before we start walking again!

Wah... Gen 2 in Brisbane!

Across theVictoria Bridge.

We made it on time to meet Steve at the bus terminale for our ride back to Gold Coast. Again we slept through out the journey and my intention to snap a picture of Tanah Rata signboard was unsuccessful. The driver dropped us off at Surfers Paradise to visit the night market.

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