Monday, April 25, 2011

Gold Coast, Australia

The Search for Surfer Dudes... Failed!

Date: 14 March 2011

Gold Coast, Australia... Home of surfers, strutting their skills with the wave! We arrived at Coolangata Airport, GC at 9am local time and was sent straight to our lodging at Marine Parade by our pre-booked van driver.

"Safi Sali" has just arrived at Gold Coast Airport!

Lodging: Blue Waters Apartment

It is located away from the main attraction, Surfers Paradise but there's taxis for that.. So that's not a problem. Very close to Sea World but quite far from other theme parks.The apartment - spacious, nicely decorated and complete with all essential items. Cleanliness - excellent. The only drawback for me was that the bed was a bit slumpy... Maybe it's time for a mattress change.

Washing machine for dirty laundry... 
The slumpy bad =( 
Dining table which we didn't get to use... 
Beautiful kitchen...

After a light nap and Zohor prayers, off we went to Sea World, the only theme park we were able to visit on our short stay in Gold Coast.

By 5pm, we were on the 705 public bus to Surfers Paradise. We stopped at Centro Surfers Paradise and did some shopping at Hard Rock Cafe, Woolworths and some souvenir shops.

Centro Shopping Area 
Choosing my Surfers Paradise pin! 
Grocery shopping for snacks and a quick dinner!

At 7pm, we went to Springbrook National Park, a World Heritage Site to visit the glow worms. Too bad cameras were forbidden - we had no pictures of the remarkable journey. The tour included star gazing... That is when we got to observe the Southern Cross, as marked on the Austalian flag. The night sky was gorgeous!

Waiting for the tour guide to pick us up in front of Holiday Inn - Everybody was too tired to even talk.
Only pic successfully taken by Juli Zac with lightings from our mobile phones. 
A little souvenir for us - contains gelatine which I did not notice until in Terengganu! For Muslims and vegetarians - give it away to other tour members...
We didn't get to see this view since it was too dark... =(

Date: 15 March 2011

Today we spent our whole day in Brisbane city.

Brisbane City Tour **Click Here**
At night, we stopped by the beach to see the tunnel waves... without any surfer dudes... Too bad~

Beetles were everywhere!!
The night market... sells art and crafts.

After looking around the night market, and had some lovely Baskins Robbins ice creams, we took a cab back to the hotel to prepare for our journey back home...

Date: 16 March 2011

Pack our bags and fly! 
Gold Coast - toodle doo!~

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Juli said...

Australia, lets meet up again in Melbourne!

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