Friday, May 6, 2011

Book: Eat Pray Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

At last... after months of trying to finish this book, I finally did it! No offense to the author, she is a very talented writer. I am just not into depressing stories... because my reading can actually influence my emotions. I like the travelling part... but the search for spiritual relief from all the negative emotions was really too heavy for me.

I started reading this book early this year... and had a break when I reached the part when she went to the Ashram in India. Half way through the book, I watched the movie with Julie Zac... which also bored me a bit. I brought this book to Gold Coast, thinking that I can read it on the plane - apparently I made it through only a few pages.

However, when I finally got to the Bali part... it was fast reading all the way. The author was no longer depressed, and her stories were all about happiness! Yeaahh!!

My Synopsis:
This is a true story about the author's journey to find peace within herself after going through some rough points in her life. She took a break for 1 year to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia.

In Italy - Liz left America and her heartache to meet new friends, learn Italian... and to enjoy Italian food! EAT

In India - Liz learned to get in touch with her spiritual self and move on from her past. PRAY

In Indonesia - Liz went to Bali where she fell in love and finally moved on. BALANCE

My Conclusion:
When human beings are in distress, it is our natural instinct to get in touch with our spiritual side... To pray to God for help and make us stronger... And as a Muslim, we know that Allah knows best.

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Juli said...

nice tht u have this review!hihi

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