Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Digital Weighing Scale!

Healthy and Happy!

Date: 3 May 2011

Yeahh!! My company gave out gifts to to all its employees for HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Appreciation Day... A digital weighing scale with BMI chart! Best of all - from a reliable source - he says the scale cost RM150 each! I love free branded stuff! The brand: Fitness Concept! Just like my yoga mat, the one I bought with Julie Zac.

21 Jan 2011 - Fresh yoga mats from Great Eastern Mall!

Thank you CUF!! I'm loving it! It's time to weigh my big bump!

1 comment:

Juli said...

scale camtu satu dept yg kongsi kot kt tempat aku..u got it for ur own?? coolness!

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