Sunday, May 8, 2011

Me & Rendang

Craving for Rendang!

Date: 5 May 2011

Eid Fitr is 4 months from now but I have already started imagining rendang and nasi impit... I don't think I can wait that long. So, I decided to cook my very first rendang. Cooking is not my favourite thing in the world.. But I have to do it in order the speed up Hari Raya =p

I searched the internet for a simple recipe and found 1 that I think I can manage since the ingredients were familiar to me.. Except for kerisik! I found the recipe at:

At the market, I searched high and low for the word kerisik on any possible packaging. I don't even know how it looks like, except that it could be made of coconut. I gave up and asked a lady who showed me that I was actually standing right beside it! There was no lable on the brownish thingy!

I was quite suprised that it turned out okay... At least Hasben didn't puke, so that's a good sign.

Happy Advanced Eid Fitr! Hihi!

The truth is, it tasted too coconut-ty... too much kerisik I think. And not spicy enough!


Achiq said...

Nyum, nyum....

Juli said...

i missed tht! rugi2! nmpak nyums-for the first timer!

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