Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Use-To-Be Innocent Baby Sis~

A Dedication To Little Winnie~

When I was younger, I have always wanted a little sister to play with. At age 5, Lil Bro 2 was born. When Mom said that he was a boy, I requested her to return him back to the hospital and exchange him with a girl... no can do! At last, in 1994, my only sister was born... I was so happy! She was so innocent and adorable - my very bestfriend. She did everything I asked her to do... so cool~ Like a tiny robot =p

Little Sister finally went to school and learned to write. She wanted to wish me Happy 17th or 18th Birthday... Here is the touching letter from her...

Hello my sister. happy-B.
I like yuo.
my sister are the beas.

She is good I like her.
happy-B. Good-Good


The beast nearly fainted with laughter! Ahaks!! However, she was the sweetest little thing... auw~


WinZie said...

Hahaha! I lup you very much one.

Juli said...

hahah! little kids never fail to awe us. cool!comel win!

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