Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ju Zie Stroller Bag~

Sunshine Theme Stroller Bag By Me!

Date: 24-25 June 2011

Yes... It's the weekendsss!! Time to express my creativity - my Jimmy Choo-y! I was super excited to start my project to design and sew my baby's stroller cover. The Quinny Zapp Xtra must be seperated into 2 units upon folding - the frame and the seat. Since the stroller is quite expensive, I must take special care to ensure it will last until my 10th baby, haha! - Hence the idea to cover the seat with a proper bag.

Hasben and I went to Kamdar to purchase 3 meters of orange cloth. I borrowed Mak's sewing machine and sacrificed an unused coverall for the zip and yellow cloth. It took me 1.5 days for my creation to be completed.

Measurement process.

Sewing process.

The bag is too big for the stroller seat!! I felt so dissapointed and spent the rest of the night thinking about the counter measures.

Success!! Some alteration here and there... Walla! Not really cute, ugly even, but it serves its purpose... *smiles*


Juli said...

junior belang must learn to read fast so that he can read this post! momma~

Juli said...

br perasan!!its ur name badge!hahaha..kena stitch
azwa jr. patutnyer

chalex said...

Hi nice creation ,

do you create the bag for sales ?

can mail me at

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