Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me & Baby Stroller!

Crazy Parents-To-Be!

Date: 18 June 2011

Baby shopping can be fun and exciting... but not when you're an undecisive fella! The first thing I wanted to buy for the future Junior was a stroller - since I consider it the most expensive thing, I might as well get it over with.

Mak, me and Hasben went to Mid Valley and walked for nearly 8 hours for Stroller Mission! Waaay before I was even pregnant, I have already decided to buy Quinny brand since it seems travel-friendly... Something I'm still hoping to do even with kids around. Plus, from my eyes, mommies behind the Quinny wheels look a tad bit hotter... Must be because of the futuristic design, hihi.

"Hasben, I want this one!!"

However, Mak advised us to buy a cheaper one - no need to spoil the kid! Unknown to Mak, it is more on spoiling me *winks*. So we bought a McLaren stroller instead... heavier and bulkier... [-_-]"

But we bought this one instead...

That night, I felt like bursting (exageration here) everytime i see the stroller. My mind won't keep still - it starts to plan many things on how to get rid of the new stroller. Hasben knew I was going mad so we decided to go back to Mid Valley and exchange it for my ultimate stroller.

Date: 20 June 2011

It's me again salesgirls of Mothercare! This time we brought along Mama and Baby Rayyan, Hasben's nephew to model the Quinny stroller. I was smiling as if all my troubles have magically evaporated. I felt like a hot momma when I pushed Rayyan. God, I think I need help, haha! The salesgirl blamed Rayyan for the exchange.

Salesgirl: Naughty boy... you want the more expensive one..~

Hasben pushing Rayyan around!

Thank you Rayyan, Cik Ju owes you big, ahaks!

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Juli said...

wow!poshy nyer stroller there!~must the Junior is looking forward to go out.hahah

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