Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me & Recycling!!

Save The World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time!

From my observation during my travels, developed countries are more rigorously adopting environmental friendly ways to avoid the usage of plastic bags and polystyrene, and perfoming other means to preserve a clean environment for their future generations. Malaysia, being a developing country, from my point of view, is still concentrating hard on city developments, education and sports.

However, we are getting there... With the implementation of no plastic bags on Saturdays, Malaysians are doing their part on making our country a cleaner place. Although some are still prefering to pay 20cents per plastic bag! - Oh, come on people!!

Our recycling system is also not very well established. However, instead of asking what the government can do for the environment, let's ask ourselves, what can WE do for the environment! I am sure others have done more but for me, my duty as a common housewife is to collect all plastic bottles and old newspapers and magazines.

Hasben's duty as a common househusband is to send these collected items to our local recycling center. It is not something fun and easy to do - Hasben complains that the recycling center is dirty and may puncture his car tyres.

But we are trying our best... and we get RM3 for our months of efforts! YEAYY!!

So guys, find out where the nearest recycling center is and start turning rubbish into Ringgits!! *Winks*

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