Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Was I During Bersih 2.0?

Date: 9 July 2011

Traffic jam at Sprint Expressway
Source: The Star Online

I was in KL!! I promised to meet up with Hasben at PNB Darby Park, where he had a technical training. I had no choice but to drive on my own all the way from Kerteh to KL. At Karak Highway, I was met with a massive jam! It took me exactly 1 hour to get from MRSM Bentong to Lanchang tol, which in normal situation, will only be a 30 seconds drive!! To make matter worst, the air-con starts to annoy me by blowing hot air! I was hot, hungry, wanted to pee and super tired - not to mention nearly in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! Roll down the car window you say? Yeah, i tried that - the exhaust fumes from the lorries surrounding me were worse than the heat. When I finally reached the roadblock, the policeman, who was in his late 40s I think, said, "Thank you miss, you may go..." with a very weary face. I felt kind of sorry for him, so my anger subsided as I started driving as fast as I could to blow off the steam, hmmmph!!

Having breakfast at PNB Darby Park

Anyway, that was 2 days before Bersih. The next day, I realised that everyone was complaining about traffic jams all over KL. At PNB Darby Park, I indulged myself with my long overdue bubble bath, played squasy with Hasben, and shopped for Mid Year Sale! God, my mood was improving already!

1 hour of squasy! 
Pretending to do some gym work while viewing KL~ 
Bubbly tub tub! 
Asy-Syakirin Mosque - Friday Prayers

On the Bersih day, I went for a wedding ceremony of my babyhood friend in Setapak. It was not lucky for the KL-ians' brides and grooms as many guests were either stuck in jam or did not even attempt to come to avoid the jam altogether. Hasben and I was amazed to see Jalan Ampang so clear (because nobody was allowed to enter KL). However, near LRT Ampang, the police were really going all out doing spotchecks - they inspected everyone's car boots!

Near KLCC at 12PM - Car-less! 
Near LRT Ampang - Car-full!

I'm glad that's over! I vote for peace. Hopefully Malaysia will not be going through something more brutal than this in the future!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liverpool VS Harimau Malaya!!

The Reds Against The Champions Of South East Asia!

Date: 16 July 2011

The first time I saw The Reds played live was in Singapore back in 2009. They won 2-0 against the Singapore National Team.

At Singapore National Stadium, 2009

I had no plans to see them in Bukit Jalil this time around but thanks to Dad's friend, I got free grandstand tickets!! Yippi doo daa!

Our Tickets!
Hasben shopping! 
Hasben and Gerrard together~

We sat in front of 2 English ladies who by the way, were seriusly sweating... I'm sure this is no Anfield! Harimau Malaya was playing quite well, like a true SEA champ!

Player Line Up

The dissapointing part of the whole thing was, the absence of Gerrard and Suarez. In Singapore, I got to see all the star players: Gerrard, Torres (not really a fan), Mascherano (I hope I spelt that right), Alonso, Reina etc. But seeing Dirk Kuyt scored made my day!

Torresrist! Haha!

The best part was, it was a goal fiesta! The result was 6-3, proved that the Harimaus were bighting back... Aumm!! An entertaining game, much better than Arsenal's (2-0) and worst, Chelsea's (1-0, in my opinion, it really was 0-0).

The first goal - penalty kick.

Hopefully Liverpool FC will have a good season next year!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Movie: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows - Part 2

Goodbye Harry and Gang!

Date: 16 July 2011

The final installment of Harry Potter - no more magical indulgence from Hogwarts after this. I had to watch this movie with besties, DD and Lohi, who during our young teenage days, were super engrossed with the books. It's a piece of history that we must conclude together.

It was hard to find the right time where all 3 of us were available but we managed. Lohi bought the tickets online to ensure that we got the best seats in TGV, KLCC.

The movie to me was fast pace and had many scripts, I guess to make non-readers understand what was going on. It was really sad to see many characters killed in the battle (as expected). The best part though was seeing young Snape, and his memories - I find it so sweet. However, this movie did not give me the after effect I got from the previous one, HP7 Part 1.

Bye Harry, Hermione, and Ron!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Me & Maybank Treats Fair 2011!

Credit Card - Is It Good or  Bad??

Date: 22 July 2011

It is definitely GOOOOOD!! (For me, hihi). Every July each year, Maybank Treats Fair will be held at Mid Valley. For 3 years in a row, Hasben and I did not miss the chance to join the MADNESS (Promoters shoving you with flyers, and asking "Kak, how many childern do you have?" "Do you know you can teach your child from the womb" and so on - Total madness!!). In 2009, we booked our honeymoon trip with Mayflower and last year, Hasben bought himself an external hard disk using his collected treat points. For 4 years, I have never once spent my treat points... the result = RM500++ worth of points!!!

This year's mission - wipe clean my treat points as a "well done for being patient" present for myself. After vigorously searching for something to waste the points on, it came down to 2 things: Guess watch and Coach bag. Hasben and I had a thorough discussion, a very serious one indeed... We debated on the pros and cons of each item. He even asked me to choose his left hand or right hand - so I chose the left one.

Hasben: Aha! Guess Watch!
Me: Damn!


A coach bag for me! - With only a few Ringgits top-up!

Hasben decided to waste his points on iPhone accesories - A new casing and anti-glare, anti-smudge, anti-whatever screen protector at EpiCentre.

"Goodbye RM15 casing...~" said Hasben.

With smiles on our faces, and in really good mood, I decided to shop for my siblings' early birthday presents, and collect more points for future shopping spree!! Woohooo!!

For Hasben, WinZie, and Peah!

Hasben, so happy with the paper bag!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hotel: The Zon, KL

Date: 12 July 2011

A work event in KL! How exciting! Immediately i called a few hotels around KLCC but was met with dissapointment as nearly all was fully booked... Except for The Zon. Another dissapointment - Hasben's boss gave him the red light to join the event. This means I was on my own!

So spacious!

Very very convenient. 5 min walk to KLCC. In front of Asy-Syakirin mosque and KLCC park.

Positive comments:
1. Possibly among the lower rates service appartment close to KLCC.
2. Apartments are super spacious!

No time to use the kitchen though...

Not so positive:
1. There were insufficient elevators - it took forever for it to reach me since the building had 25 floors!
2. Woken up from sleep due to loud noises from adjacent construction site =(

All in all, my ME time was great! Had 2 bubble baths, relaxing novel reading time, and all you can eat breakfast! A little boring but truly relaxing~

Hot bubble bath.. aaaAAaaa~~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Sale: Crocs - Havana

Status: Available     <Book Now!>


Brand: Crocs - 100% Original

Colour: Black
Condition: Preloved, condition is 10/10! - Wear less than 5 times, too small =(
Original Price: RM209 - Please refer: Havana - Crocs

Price: RM160 + Postage: RM10 or COD at Ampang Point.

Terms & Condition:

1) All items sold are non-refundable.
2) I confirm to my
best of knowledge that all items sold are in good condition.
3) After items are posted, seller shall not be responsible for any problems or damages.
4) Payment shall be transfered before items can be posted.
5) Email or sms 013-3002696 for booking.

Thank you~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book: You're The One I Don't Want

Author: Alexandra Potter

Seriously, I had so much fun reading this book, I covered half in just one day! With my hormonial changes these days, I don't think I am up for depressing books. As for silly, annoying heroins, they just get on my nerves! However, this book is definitely a chick-lit, but a fun one at  that!

My Synopsis

Lucy and Nat was destined to be together for eternity - they made sure they were. At 19, they met in Venice, Italy and kissed under the Bridge of Sigh at sunset. Legend has it, this kiss will guarantee they will never be seperated for the rest of their lives, although both have to return to their homelands soon.

10 years later, Lucy is still single and cannot forget her "The One". Nat broke up with her during her college days to marry Beth. However, they met again when Lucy was offered a job in New York. At first, they were falling madly in love all over again... until they realized, 10 years can really change a person. Whether it is a coincidence or magic, Lucy cannot get rid of the new, annoying, balding Nat.

Lesson Learnt

Your teenage Mr. Right might be your adult Mr. Wrong. *Teehee*

Will be reading other books by Alexandra Potter soon!
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