Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me & Rasna - A Reunion!

Together Again After 16 Years Apart~

Date: 7 August 2011

Rasna, me, and our 5TW classmates.

I studied in Perivale Primary School, London for about a year, from 1994 until 1995. There, I met Rasna, my bestfriend who was in my classes - Year 4G and Year 5TW. We spent most of our recess time playing Barbie dolls (at that age, other girls no longer played with dolls!) and sometimes pretended we were witches from the movie Hocus Pocus... Haha! Such imaginations!!

Our last moments together in Portsmouth.

After going back to Malaysia, we sent snail mails and continue updating each other's lives through Facebook.

A card and friendship bracelet from Rasna!

Finally, Rasna was getting married to her handsome boyfriend and they chose to honeymoon in Malaysia! At first, it seemed hard to meet up but I was excited when she told me she was staying at Tanjung Jara Resort, Dungun, just 20 minutes drive from Paka! Weeehooo!

Tom yam, ikan 3 rasa, sotong goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin... Nyum!

Hasben and I treated Rasna and Krish for iftar at Dungun's beach. It was such a lovely moment, I never thought we would ever see each other again.

Us and Hubbies!

Hope to see them again one day! XXXX

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover~

Baju Raya for Mommies' Sewing Machines!

Date: 9 August 2011

Both Mak and Mama the MIL were given the same brand sewing machines from me last year (Brother).

I recently borrowed Mak's to sew a bag for baby's stroller and due to my ammature-ness, the needle was crooked from sewing over thick fabrics.  To make up for my carelessness, I decided to make a proper cover for Mak's sewing machine. Before this, she simply used a plastic bag to cover her sewing machine from dust. As for Mama, hers was uncovered and dusty.

I had quite a lot of spare fabric from the [Stroller Bag Project]. I used it to design and sew 2 customized sewing machine covers which include large pockets for the paddles, wires, and whatever else the mommies would like to keep.

Tadaaa! Hope they like it! The sewing machines have new clothes to wear for Raya, unlike preggy me who will be borrowing Mak's baju kurung Pahang, ahaks!

Orange cover with a side pocket for paddle and wires!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hotel: Traders, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 12 August 2011

Hasben, the ever busy engineer was invited for a Factory Acceptance Test in Shah Alam & Subang. I was left alone in Traders, KL to do whatever I wanted, Yippie!! Which means, shopping in KLCC~ Through out Malaysia's Mid Year Sale, I have been shopping tremendously a lot. I am not sure if I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones...

Very modern - the elevators.
Hasben checking-in at Level 5

Anyways, Traders Hotel is one of my favourite hotels in KL... Simply because it is the only posh hotel we were allowed to stay in by the company.

The room is not so spacious, but cozy!
My most fave area in the room - the bathroom! They used to put free Chuppa-Chups on the towel... Maybe not during Ramadhan?

During Ramadhan, instead of breakfast, sahur food was sent straight to the room, eliminating the hassle to look as pretty as possible at 4am!

For lazy bums like me, free shuttle service is provided to and fro KLCC... Except when it is raining. At unfortunate times, the shuttle did not show up at KLCC. I had to walk... :( (Spoil brat, hihi).

View of KLCC from my room - The shopping destination!
KLCC Park from my window.
On the white shuttle to KLCC - Me in the side mirror, hihi~
Red shuttle (very new) to bring me back to Traders after my shopping spree!

Fashion: FitFlop - Healthy Sandals!

Date: 9 July 2011

Mak wanted FitFlops sooo bad after seeing her officemates wearing them to work. I have never heard of the brand, and usually would not even look twice at the sandals - it's pricy and labelled "Normal Price". Hmmph! A lady's testimonial was written in one of their promotional banners: "After having one Fitflop, I felt like buying another 5 pairs!!" Wow...! If she can afford 5 pairs, she surely can buy an iPad!

Hasben decided to buy for Mak a pair as a belated birthday present. Surely Mak's love for him increased - could even exceed her love for me, her own daughter! Hihi...

FitFlop promised that by wearing their product, it will help shape our legs and reduce strains and pains. "You need one too," said Hasben to me. "Pregnant women should not be wearing heels!" Hellooo... Kimora Lee Simmons looked fine in her stilletos during her pregnancy~ But who am I to resist such an offer - buy me one too!!

I must say that the sandals are really comfy and the designs are not old-lady like. In regards to sexy, shaped legs, I haven't noticed any changes yet after using it for about 1 month. Am still waiting for a miracle...~

Mine in brown, Mak's in grey!

Visit FitFlop's official site for more details on their Gym Sandals.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Motivation Phrases

I learn some new English phrases today related to motivation. Maybe I can use it in my conversations with people I want to impress, haha!

1) Bend over backward:
- To do things you don't usually do to achieve something.
- Do everything you possibly can to make something happen.

2) A cut above:
- One notch higher / one step higher than others.
- Push our boundaries.
- Try to be better than average.

3) Open heart:
- Receive criticism with open heart.
- Take it positively.

4) Devil's advocate:
- Push someone / provoke someone in order for him/her to achieve his/her full capability.

5) Tip top:
- To obtain the most excellent and perfect results.

6) On top of the world:
- The ultimate feeling to experience when a goal is achieved.

7) The line of least resistance:
- Take the simplest and quickest way to excel.

8) Extra edge:
- The strength we have that seperates us from others.
- Something special about ourselves.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At-Tawazun - Keseimbangan - Balance

By: Ustaz Dr. Ahmad Tarmizi, Imam Muda Judge

Date: 28 June 2011

Ustaz Ahmad Tarmizi

A Tilawah Al-Quran competition was organised by Petronas East Coast in Kerteh. The guest speaker was Ustaz Ahmad Tarmizi, who is known for his involvement in the famous Imam Muda reality show. Since it is Ramadhan, I would like to share a bit about his Tazkirah, entitled At-Tawazun, which is also the theme of the competition.

Keseimbangan Membawa Kepada Kecemerlangan
Balance Leads To Success

In life, we have to achieve balance in 5 important areas. Once balance is achieved, InsyaAllah, we will be successful both now and in the hereafter.

1) Balance between our current life and the life in the hereafter (Akhirat).
Do not be decieved by the life here on Earth. Human beings are musafir, travelers, on our journey from Earth to the hereafter. We collect 'rations' on Earth to bring to Akhirat.
Example of imbalance: Do not exagerate in collecting wealth as it will inflluence us to neglect our ibadah to Allah.

2) Balance between knowledge and perfomance (Ilmu dan Amal)
Knowledge gives betterment to a quality performance.
Example of imbalance: We read the Quran but we have no knowledge to understand it. Find the sweetness of amal through knowledge to achieve success.

3) Balance in ibadah to Allah - Not too exagerate, but also do not deem it insignificant.
Ibadah shall be based on syarak.
Example of imbalance: Tahajjud all night without sleep; Fasting all year long.

Rasulullah PBUH highlighted 3 amalans for success:
1) Solat Dhuha 2 Rakaat
2) Solat Witir 3 Rakaat
3) Fasting 3 days every month.

4 indications of a successful man:
1) A solehah wife
2) Good children who pray for them
3) Good friends
4) Easy to find halal foods, jobs, etc in his country

4) Balance between Natural Instinct and Desires (Fitrah dan Nafsu)
Desires must not exceed fitrah. Our natural instict is to be attracted to beauty, and food.
Example of imbalance: For women, make-up too thick - looking like a traffic light! Buying food for break fast exceeding normal human capacity!

5) Balance between fear and hopefulness to Allah
If we had done some mistakes in the past, we must not give up to pray for his forgiveness. Allah is All Forgiving and Loving.
Example of imbalace: Too fearful of past mistakes to the extend of giving up on Allah's love and rahmat.

Supporters having free lunch! =p

Tarannum Winner - Ladies: My friend, Amoi!

Tarannum Winner - Men: My boss, Bahar!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

C.E. Durian Fest!

Durian Season Is Back!

Date: 25 July 2011

It's an annual event for my department to indulge durian together - like a durian picnic day! I missed last year's fest... Boo hoo... So I made sure I had a good time this time around.

Pulut and pengat!

Durian runtuh!

We had pulut pengat durian, manggostines, rambutans, and the king of fruit itself, DURIAN! I had 10 ulas of durians... Hihi~ Enough to last for a year in my body system!

The predators! - We will definitely win Fear Factor if durian is at stake.

The preys! - or what's left of them... [*u*]Y
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