Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hotel: Traders, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 12 August 2011

Hasben, the ever busy engineer was invited for a Factory Acceptance Test in Shah Alam & Subang. I was left alone in Traders, KL to do whatever I wanted, Yippie!! Which means, shopping in KLCC~ Through out Malaysia's Mid Year Sale, I have been shopping tremendously a lot. I am not sure if I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones...

Very modern - the elevators.
Hasben checking-in at Level 5

Anyways, Traders Hotel is one of my favourite hotels in KL... Simply because it is the only posh hotel we were allowed to stay in by the company.

The room is not so spacious, but cozy!
My most fave area in the room - the bathroom! They used to put free Chuppa-Chups on the towel... Maybe not during Ramadhan?

During Ramadhan, instead of breakfast, sahur food was sent straight to the room, eliminating the hassle to look as pretty as possible at 4am!

For lazy bums like me, free shuttle service is provided to and fro KLCC... Except when it is raining. At unfortunate times, the shuttle did not show up at KLCC. I had to walk... :( (Spoil brat, hihi).

View of KLCC from my room - The shopping destination!
KLCC Park from my window.
On the white shuttle to KLCC - Me in the side mirror, hihi~
Red shuttle (very new) to bring me back to Traders after my shopping spree!


Juli said...

traders must be proud seeing this entry. hey the room view sama cam aku stay. same angle amik gmba KLCC!haha

oyster lew said...

That's a nice hotels in kl! Feel free to post to our free hotel directory listing in kuala lumpur!

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