Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Motivation Phrases

I learn some new English phrases today related to motivation. Maybe I can use it in my conversations with people I want to impress, haha!

1) Bend over backward:
- To do things you don't usually do to achieve something.
- Do everything you possibly can to make something happen.

2) A cut above:
- One notch higher / one step higher than others.
- Push our boundaries.
- Try to be better than average.

3) Open heart:
- Receive criticism with open heart.
- Take it positively.

4) Devil's advocate:
- Push someone / provoke someone in order for him/her to achieve his/her full capability.

5) Tip top:
- To obtain the most excellent and perfect results.

6) On top of the world:
- The ultimate feeling to experience when a goal is achieved.

7) The line of least resistance:
- Take the simplest and quickest way to excel.

8) Extra edge:
- The strength we have that seperates us from others.
- Something special about ourselves.

1 comment:

Juli said...

learn a word a day. but this is learn multiphrase in a blog! cool~

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