Monday, September 19, 2011

Food: Mini Durian @ Sumptuous Desserts

Cute, Fluffy & Yummy!

Date: 16 September 2011


My lil bro, Am had once introduced me to these tiny "fake" durians. I call it "durian palsu". The truth is, it was not exactly 100% fake. To me, the dessert was very unique and creative. One day, just out of the blue, I wanted them!! Can I blame it on pregnancy cravings or nafsu liar?

So Am went to Mid Valley to buy some for his demanding sister. He said it costs RM10 for 1 pack!! Me + the whoooole family digged in and in seconds, none was left! Of course it can't beat the real thing... but it was nearly as good!

It looks soooo fluffy!

The tiny durians were made up of 3 layers: The outer layer from flour (I think), a layer of creame, and a layer of real durian. So in terms of percentage, it is only about 70% fake, hehe.

After 1 bite, paused for photo - Can you see the 30% real durian?

I have never personally went to Sumptuous Desserts so maybe one day, I'll look for it at Mid Valley to try other mini "fake" fruits!

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Juli said...

macam bantal aku tgk

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