Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hospital: Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC)

I was torn between Ampang Putri Specialist and PCMC for my first childbirth. I wanted a Selangorian baby but the fact that PCMC is a 5 star hospital is hard to ignore. It is not everyday you get to stay in an elegant hospital room with special attention from the nurses. So my baby will be a KLian after all.

My doctor is Dr Seri, a very friendly lady. The maternity department is on the 6th floor - I had my monthly pregnancy check up here.

Me and Hasben's on the go breakfast at Tarik Cafe
View from the main lift
The lobby

I checked-in to PCMC at 11.30PM on 8th Oct 2011.

Sofa bed for papa bear, hospital bed for mama bear, trolley bed for baby bear... =p
The toilet & bathroom...

After giving birth to Baby Kimi, I slept the whole day due to the pain killer I took before labor. So the first day, I was not able to enjoy the hospital food. However, on the 2nd day, I ordered from the menu whatever my appetite desired - This was met with naggings from Mak and MIL. "Orang dalam pantang mana boleh makan benda-benda ni. Salmon gatal...!" Ooookay~ Confinement menu it is... (-_-)"

Salmon, mushroom soup, chocolate cake... Too bad I have to give the salmon to Dad...

Being a first time mom, it was very challenging to breastfeed. PCMC nurses were encouraging all moms to BF. They would show this nearly-disgusted expression if I told them "No BF today". To help me out, the hospital let me borrow Medela Symphony, a multi-user breast pump which saved me from a lot of pain.

Life saver!!

I was also required to attend 2 classes through out my stay here: Breastfeeding Class (no surprise there) & Physiotherapy Class.

View from our room window
Beautiful flowers from Am and WinZie - Tq dearest...

Apart from the super duper labor pain, I had a wonderful stay here... *Thumbs up!*

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me & Crochet!

Learn New Things Everyday!

I have always wanted to try crochetting ever since my uni days. It seemed so hard when I look it up the internet - pictures and wordings can be so confusing.

The urge came again as I waited for my due date. I tried a new approach - learning from youtube! I can follow exactly the teachers in the videos, pause when they are moving too fast and rewind when I am completely lost!

Learning from Youtube!

I bought 4 not so expensive yarns (let's not be too ambitious!) from Ampang Park and a crochet hook.

Doing my first chain stitch!

The week before, I had purchased online a set of hooks but knowing how impatient I can be to wait for the postman, I bought the crochet hook so I can start my project ASAP!

They arrived a bit too late - project already begin!

Initially, I planned to make a baby blanket.

Double crocheting the first blue stripe...
Add a yellow stripe... 
Is getting impatient - too many DCs~!

At last, doing sooo many double crochets was starting to drive me insane. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! So instead, I changed my mission to a smaller project... A baby pillow cover!

I crocheted the half-pinwheel border in the hospital, before and after giving birth.

During my confinement, I did 2 small hearts (Hasben would not allow flower patterns - "He's a boy FGS..." Fine!) and sew Baby Kimi's name.

My first crochet project - Mission accomplished!

Next project from youtube was pyjamas pants. I needed something comfy to where during my confinement. I used an old sarung and at first, the pants waist was too low - secret body part was exposed. I extended the waist higher. The project kept me busy for only 3 days, including alterations here and there. Now I keep wearing it everyday! Time for laundry...~

What's next??! *Thinking*

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restaurant: Hometown Yong Tow Foo

Date: 4 October 2011

Mak was admitted into Ampang Putri Hospital due to a frozen shoulder. She had really bad aches on her right hand. The day before her surgery, Dad and me accompanied her for lunch at Hometown Yong Tow Foo.

Ampang Putri Hospital - Building in blue, pink, white...

Located right across the street from Ampang Putri, Home Town Yong Tow Foo as its name suggests, is famous for its yong tow foo. The menu lets you choose to have the foods fried or boiled in soup - it's your choice!

A taste of Chinese cuisine!

We had both fried and boiled yong tow foo, together with rice and crunchy chicken wings. Dip in their special sauce - yummy!!!

Business hour...

Contact details on its wet tissues.

Mak was delighted to eat something other than hospital food - especially fried, oily ones?? Ooops! [^u^]Y

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hotel: The Ascott, KL

Date: 5 October 2011

 After our dinner date at Ben's, JulieZac and I went back to her posh lodging, The Ascott, a walking distance from KLCC - across the street from Mandarin Oriental (still hoping to spend a night here one day)... *wink wink*

Us, still full from the yummy desserts at Ben's!

This is a really posh apartment - a kitchen, 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom each! We chit chatted after I settled down from inspecting every corner... Hihi!

Cute kitchen... 
JulieZac's room - The master bedroom. 
MY room... yup, I got my very own room!! 
The living room...

The toilets were surprisingly provided without washing pipes, so manual water collection using glass is required (-_-)"

One of the best hotel toiletries I've ever seen - L'Occitane!!

The Kiblat sign is not on the ceiling but in the drawer near the save of the master bedroom. It is hard to find without asking the staff.

Breakfast was... Hmmm... 2/5: Low rating because of the limited variety of food. However, the view was a bit special since it was at the Sky Lounge. Peaceful KL in the morning~

Time to say goodbye to posh living... JulieZac checking out... Tata!

Restaurant: Ben's at KLCC

Last Dinner Date As A Non-Mommy With JuliZac~

Date: 5 October 2011

Again JulieZac travelled to KL for a work thingy. My family, JulieZac and I watched The Smurfs at KLCC. I bid the family goodbye as tonight, me and JulieZac were planning to spend some alone time~ Haha!

The Menu... What to choose? Hmm~

 We had dinner at Ben's, KLCC. Both of us was not so hungry. JulieZac heard that Ben's had superb desserts so we ordered french fries, and 2 cakes - Ben's special chocolate cake or something & Cheese cake sundae blah blah (I can't remember the names!) They were really awesome but I think each dish was meant for 2. I was struggling to finish my Blah-blah sundae!

The prices were okay - average. The atmosphere was a bit mamak like. It was noisy - we had to kind of shout to hear each other across the table. Not a place to spill your heart out...

However, the setting was nice. Dark with yellow lighting - gives the feeling of poshness.

Is planning to dine here again soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movie: Johnny English Reborn

Date: 27 September 2011


I am not so sure if I have watched the first Johnny English but this second one is, hmmm... okay... Julie Zac and I spent a BFF day out as 'non-mommies' - actually, my last moment without momzy responsibilities. There were many laughable scenes, thanks to the not so sharp but very confident British spy, Mr English. Johnny English was framed for being the 3rd member of Vortex, a group plotting the murder of the Chinese Prime Minister. With the help oh his young side-kick, he had to clear his name and save the Prime Minister. Rowan Atkinson may be getting older, but his sense of humor is still very much the same - exactly like his Mr Beans siries days. Although I am not a fan of silly comedies, it was watchable for me.

Johnny English versus Sweet Old Chinese Assassin Lady = Priceless!!

Sweetest assassin ever!

Rating: 6/10!

Side story:

Dinner at: The Appartment

For dinner, Julie Zac brought me to The Apartment in KLCC for an early birthday treat. It was my first time here... the place was quite romantic - with a candle between us, dim lighting - a true fine dining experience - not to mention the price! Thank god we're not men, it would be very awkward!

Tapau the leftovers - too full!

Night time at: Seri Pacific Hotel, KL

Since Julie Zac had a 4-day training here, I crashed her room for 1 night, having late night girl talk. We were running out of stories to share since we spent the whole day talking. I was impressed with the room, quite modern. However, the complimentary breakfast was only for 1 person - yeah for left over takeaway!!

Gorgeous bathroom setup! Loving it!

You gotta love having besties - girl friends light up our day in a whole different way! Muax to Julie Zac!

Our dinner date~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shah Alam , Malaysia

Babymoon and Photo Madness!

Date: 17 August 2011

Babymoon is a new word for me. We very often hear "honeymoon", but "babymoon"?? It is basically a romantic getaway for future mommy and daddy to spend some alone time before the birth of their baby. A simple way to put it: Honeymooning with a big pregnant belly!

It takes a lot of effort to plan for a babymoon. Couples are usually busy with work, mommies are so restless with their hormonial changes, and let's face it, the honeymooning FIRE is basically somewhere in a distant memory... Hihi... After many failed attempts, me and Hasben decided to name our Shah Alam training trip at Concorde Hotel as our babymoon - work not neglected, plus free accomodation! I know what you're thinking, cheapskates!!

Our Shah Alam tour included a few places where we can take some pregnancy photoshoots (I am still wandering how I was influenced into this new tradition). Like others who pay professional photographers to snap some big-belly-hugging pics of future mommies and daddies, us the cheapskates brought along our tripod and very basic SLR, switched on the 10 second timer, and posed like no one was looking (in reality, people were obviously trying not to stare and laugh).

Let me take you on our babymoon journey around the city of Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor.

1. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque - Malaysia's Blue Mosque

Fun facts:
- The largest mosque in Malaysia and the second largest in South East Asia
- Has the largest religious dome in the world!!
- The four minarets are the second tallest in the world.
- However, it still maintains the distinction of having the world's tallest group of minarets!! Woowwwee!

2. Shah Alam Royale Theater

- The latest landmark in the city of Shah Alam
- Architecture style: Malay-Bugis concept.

3. Shah Alam Museum

- Architecture style: Minangkabau concept.

4. Shah Alam Lake Gardens / Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Seriously, the internet calls it Shah Alam Lake Gardens but you cannot find it anywhere on the signboards or GPS. Search for Taman Tasik instead. This park is sooo peaceful. We did most of our cheesy posings here, hihi.

Nearby is the Shah Alam Water Park - Fasting and preggy, not really a good idea to go here now, maybe next time.

5. Istana Bukit Kayangan

The second official palace of Selangor Sultan after Istana Alam Shah in the royal town of Klang. It is located on top of Bukit Kayangan. From here, we can see a lovely view of Shah Alam.

6. Tugu Negeri Selangor

A memorial monument to remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers protecting the state of Selangor.

We ended our day trip by break fasting at Nandos, Mid Valley. Good bye Shah Alam!
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