Monday, November 28, 2011

Momentos from Traders Hotel

My Toothbrush Collection!

One of the best things about Traders Hotel in KL is the free tootbrushes... Okay, maybe not exactly free - included in the roomrate of course. They come with mini Colgates!

So during my stays, I'll make sure I keep the 2 toothbrushes in my bag before checking out. JuliZac will also help collect them for me. This habit had saved me some money - I can't remember the last time I bought a toothbrush!

When packing for Australia, I realized that I still had many unused toothbrushes. So... They're all going to Toowoomba!!

Blogging on the go!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dad & Blue Belang-Belang

Something was brought to my attention when I looked into dad's wardrobe - His work clothes....

So I imagine this scenario:
Dad goes to Sogo/Isetan/Parkson. Dad wanders about in the men section. Dad picks up a work shirt that catches his eyes. He pays for it and brings it home.

Me: Oh... New shirt? It looks exactly like the one you're wearing.

I'm not kidding. See for yourself.

I bet there's more! So, can you guess what's dad's fave colour is?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Newborn Jubah for Kimi

The Tiny Haji Kimi~

Kimi's Majlis Cukur Jambul was only a week away. I saw in Facebook the pretty attires other babies wore for their "welcome to the world partayyy". I didn't give much thought for Kimi though. So Mak suggested that I sew a tiny jubah for him. That sounds like a great idea, only that I do not know how to make one. The only thing I had in mind was the "How to make baby shirts from your old T-shirts" tutorial that I read somewhere from the internet... That's close enough!

I took one of Kimi's shirt for the shape and sizing... And traced it on my extra nikah cloth. Being satin and very tiny, I had to hand sew the jubah as it will be very very challenging to use a sewing machine.

Added borders for the collar and sleeves.

Lil' Kimi trying out the first prototype. I'm so relieved that the jubah was no too small. I didn't prepare for any counter measures!

The completed design - 100% handmade! My little man is ready to go to Haj... Hihi...

Say goodbye to my hair!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Cloth Wipes!

Another Confinement Project...

Baby wipes are really important especially when mommy, daddy and baby are out and about. When at home, for messy poo-poo, I prefer washing baby's bum directly in the sink.

Baby gifts - Disposable wipes.

To substitute baby wipes, some parents prefer to use cloth wipes to save money and of course the environment. You can purchase cute cloth wipes from websites like Mama Patch and Zany-Zebra. The materials for the wipes are flannel/velour.

Super cute designs!

As for me, I tried making my own. The materials are unknown since I used whatever left over cloths available at home - just as long as they're water absorbent.

I even made a bag to store the wipes for travelling purposes.

As for the wipe solution, I found a simple recipe from the internet:
2 tbsp baby shampoo, 2 tbsp oil, and 2 cups waterClick here for more info.

I'll have to wait until all the disposable wipes are used to start using these homemade wipes. Hopefully it is suitable for my baby's delicate bum!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Homemade Nursing Shawl

Online Window Shopping Drives Me Insane!

To be honest, actual online shopping is worst. Being in confinement + Iphone + 24/7 Wifi = Shopping at the tips of my fingers. Mr Postman becomes my most awaited person.

I never thought I would be nursing my baby when it comes to it. It is a lot of work but I'll try my best as long as I possibly can. Most of my online shopping involves buying stuff to support BF. During one of my online shop browsing, I stumbled upon something new - nursing poncho - A piece of garment mamas wear to nurse their babies discreatly in public. My nafsu starts to speak: MAYBE I need this... What if I have to nurse in public?? My stingy conscience retorted: I'll make one!!

Boredom had led me to this - altering my Pashmina Shawl to function as a nursing shawl.

Materials Used: Pashmina from India given by JuliZac, Needle & Thread, and Snap Buttons

Buttons sewn
WinZie modelling for QA & QC =p

So I saved a few bucks, and in reality, I may never nurse in public - baby is a biter! Instead, this invention shall be called "Pumping Shawl", in case... I decide to pump in public??

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cloth Pads for Earth Loving Ladies~

Reducing Waste 1 Disposable Pad At A Time!

I've just bought my first 5 cloth pads from Fabulous Mom. The brand is Mama Patch. The retail price per pad is RM17 but I bought them on sale - success! They are pretty expensive when compared to the disposable ones. However, the advantages are worth the money.

1) They are washable thus reusable - No more monthly expenditure for pads. In the long run, you'll be saving more money!
2) Reduce waste. This can help our environment as diapers and pads will take about 500 years to disintegrate, so less usage of landfill areas!
3) No more rashes. Plastic causes our skin to melecet and itch. The soft cotton flannel feels as though we're not wearing any pads at all! Super comfy!
4) They are cute - comes with many colours and patterns. If you are anything like me, this IS a very important point!
5) The snap button makes sure the pad stays in place. Disposable pads can curl up and causes leakage on the side. Wings you say? They can sometimes cause skin irritations!

I am loving these pads - they make me want to write about them in my blog! At least now I don't feel guilty by filling the thrash cans with too many non-degradable wastes.

So ladies, let's help save the planet by converting to a more environmental friendly menstrual solution! [Go green!]
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